Repub Nazis: women are chattel who deserve to be raped

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Yesterday, I had a brief conversation with an acquaintance of mine, Colonel Harris. This is the basics of what he said.

Because she could not remember the time it occurred or in which room it occurred, then Dr. Ford was not raped.

The Democrats have made up this story to derail Trump’s agenda.

Women are nothing but a life support system for a pussy.

Women should be delivered every morning with the milk and newspaper.

I do not talk much with Colonel Harris since he stated that all Jews should be murdered by “the Ovens”.

The Kavanaugh Fiasco has made it clear that: (1) all woman are chattel belonging to any man who comes along and “grabs her by the pussy”; (2) the Repub Nazis know that women exist for no other purpose than to be raped whenever the man wants and then thrown to the curb with the morning rubbish; (3) when women becomes pregnant as a result of being raped she shall not have an abortion because the Kavanaugh Court has struck down all cases granting women any type of rights whatsoever; (4) when the child has been born, the man is not liable to support either the woman or the child and the woman must not have any form of public assistance to help feed, house, or clothe herself and the child; and, (5) the child must not be assisted in obtaining any type of education that will allow it to pull itself out of poverty.

Kavanaugh has made it clear that he is a lying, drunken, entitled, rich, powerful rapist boy who has the right to have a temper tantrum because that seat on the United States Supreme Court is HIS seat and he is ENTITLED to it!

Until the women in this country stand and use extreme force against every rapist without mercy, these elitist rapist will continue their plunder of the women of this country.

The only difference between Kavanaugh and Trump on the one side and the impecunious convict rapist on the other is that Kavanaugh and Trump are rich, white, male, elitist who know that we have two sets of laws in this country: one for them and another for everyone else.

I hope this helps.

Nathan A. Busch


Kavanaugh, 1

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So, the Repub Nazis insist upon putting a drunken, rich, white, rapist on the United States Supreme Court.


One set of laws for the rich and powerful; a completely different set of laws for everyone else.


I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Traitor Trump

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Russia, lead by Murderous Putin, is at war with the United States.

Traitor Trump is defending Murderous Putin and Russia.

Traitor Trump is attacking the intelligence community of the United States.

Traitor Trump blames the war on Hillary and her server.

Traitor Trump is committing Treason against the United States.

Yet, the Repub Nazis in Congress do and say nothing.

Repub Nazis support Traitor Trump.

Repub Nazis are committing Treason against the United States.

Yet, no one does or says anything.

I hope this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Yet They Still Say It Cannot Be Done

Posted in Investing on 28, April 2018 by nathanbusch

Using a company that is in the S&P 100.

That is also in the S&P 500 Index.

The company is down 5.23% since 20180102 through 20180425.

The index is down approximately 6%.

My portfolio has gained 155% during that same time using a new investment strategy.

Yet Wall Street says that it cannot be done.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

I Remember

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Whilst drafting a note, I read a word that was not mine.

Then again I looked because I did not understand: Oh! I said to myself.

My old companion Dyslexia had juxtapositioned two letters of the word.

Then remembered did I: whilst home on leave from the Navy at just age 18,

I happened to mention that b and d differed none to me.

Before a second was gone, I was dragged by evil to the blackboard, screamed stupid did it, and lashings from an old 2″ leather belt rained down upon face, shoulders, back, and etc.

Said it: b is forward like the bow of a boat, d is not.

I remember.

Movie night past, the movie was of anger, abuse, and redemption.

I remember the beatings for errors on spelling quizzes

I remember the beatings until death was near for what I cannot remember

I remember the crushed bones

I remember the horror of the bruises showing in school

I remember crying in terror when others were beaten so badly that they fell to the floor unconscious, yet the beating did not stop

I remember a baby brother who was violently torn from a high chair and beaten so badly as to be crippled for life because of a bit of spilt milk

I remember.



In my bed … after the movie … I cried


I remember all after

50 years of working to forget

I know not whether he is dead or alive

nor does my pain care


in my bed … after the movie … I asked G_d

to let me remember how to forgive


I Can Only Imagine


Which of Us is the Sinnner?

Posted in Observations during Life on 10, April 2018 by nathanbusch

I say that I do not accept the teachings of your religion and I say that I do not accept your interpretation of what, or who, is G_d.

You judge me and say that I am a “sinner” for taking my position and that I will be cast into the Lake of Hell Fire and Damnation to suffer pain and agony, the intensity of which is beyond my ability to comprehend, for all eternity. You say that you will say “goodbye” as you fly by on your way to Heaven.

I ask: according to your religion, which one of us is the “sinner”?

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch


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Just because something is, does not mean that it must be.

If you do not like that “something”, then change your life such that it no longer exists. You have the power to do so.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch