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what creature is this who is so gentle

can it be that she is a mere illusion

to be gone at daybreak

what strange twist of fate

brought her to be alone

searching the world for one

can he hold her love

in the palm of his hand

like a newborn child

can he be so gentle

as she and still be

the man that he is


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If I could have held your hands and
tasted the sweet kiss of your lips
under the full rainbow

just once


that would have been enough

If I could have quietly held your hand and
watched with you the red glow of the
clouds over the setting sun

just once


that would have been enough

If I could have held you close and
caught the first sight
of the nine-day moon

just once


that would have been enough

If I could hold your hand and walk
with you to experience
all this and more

just once

for the remainder of our lives

that would be pure heaven

and that would be more than enough

Nathan A. Busch


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In the Torah, we are taught that Satan is an angel that can only do as G_d wills. The only purpose that Satan has is to tempt humans with evil, as G_d wills, to allow humans to improve and grow in the grace of G_d.

For a two and one half week period a year ago, She succumbed to the greatest evil possible in a relationship. Then She repeatedly lied. Then She repeatedly fed it to Him. Nevertheless, he held the faith that She could be in a far better place than She had ever been. It was the will of G_d that He stay to assist Her on Her journey. He did so.

The evil eventually tore them apart: this, because it was the will of G_d that He learn to be in a place far better than He had ever known. His journey is far from complete, but His soul now knows great joy.

She has helped Him far more than She will ever know. For that He thanks Her. Because She did exactly what G_d willed, He must forgive Her for the pain that it caused, and this He now does.

He has moved on to a grand adventure: to walk in this life according to the laws of G_d knowing that he will meet his soul mate, his twin flame.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Propagation of Lies

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This story came to me second hand, but it deserves exposure.

Apparently, when the son of Judy C. was thirteen years he did something inappropriate in front of a female friend.

Judy C. claims that she came to my office for legal assistance and that I informed her of the following: “not to worry because he is a juvenile and his offense will not show up on his record when he becomes an adult.”

Judy C. claims that I was negligent in my representation of her son because is a registered sex offender and his life is miserable.

So here is the problem: her son is now 27. Twenty seven minus thirteen is fourteen. I have never met this Judy C. person, I have never met her son, and I do not handle criminal cases. Wait a minute, said the intermediary: you had an office in the area fourteen years ago and you could have represented the son then. No: I did not move to the area until September 2007. June 2016 minus September 2007 is 8 years and 9 months, which is no where near 14 years ago. Another problem with the lie: I did not even have my law license fourteen years ago; I obtained my law license in October 2002.

Yet, the lies are propagated.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Convict Health Insurance

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Convicted felons are receiving cadillac health insurance and the tax payers of Minnesota are footing 100% of the bill!

These include the following: drug dealers, child molesters, those engaged in beastiality, murders, prostitutes, thieves, etc. The State of Minnesota has mandated that each person leaving prison, whether on parole or not, are entitled to state-funded health insurance that has no deductibles or co-pays. A convicted felon has a mild head-ache: cadillac work-up including CAT scans, MRI, spinal diagnositic studies, radiofrequency ablation every six months or so, etc. We are paying 100% of the bill. A convicted felon is a little bit sad: cadillac work-up with a psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.; and medications that run thousands of dollars per month. We are paying 100% of the bill.

Did I mention, that the convicted felons have a strong disincentive to get a paying job: they are afraid that they might lose their cadillac health care insurance.

Something is very wrong in the State of Minnesota.

I hope that this helps.
Nathan A. Busch

Verizon Wireless

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I was in need of checking my voice and data usage on the Verizon Wireless website.

Here we go: what? Locked out?

Ok, so we reset the answer to the “security question”, obtain a new password via “text message” and then reset the password, which we dutifully record on a piece of paper.

Remember paper and pencil: useful for such things as writing down important information.

Wait a minute: “writing”. That is so … ’50s.

Now, ready to manage the account. Enter user identification, answer the security question, then enter the password.

“The information that you entered does not match what we [Verizon] have on file.”

What? We just put the information into the website.

So, the Verizon Wireless sends one into an infinite loop requesting answers to security questions, then password, then informing the user that the “information provided does not match what [Verizon has] on file”. Once one gets to that point, Verizon insists that the password needs to be changed: through the loop we go.

Ok, so one might think that one could get ahold of a human being at Verizon Wireless: good luck with finding the telephone number which is nowhere to be found on the Verizon Wireless website.

Searching for any path out of the infinite loop, one calls the local Verizon store: an hour later, a person who has the vocabulary of a high school dropout answers and has no clue as to what the Verizon Wireless website is. Eventually, after calling again, and navigating the obscenely complicated telephone menu, one is told to press “3” to get the national help line.

Great, an hour on the telephone waiting whilst listening to a scratchy rendition of some third-rate piece of classical music, one is put into contact with a “help line expert” who can barely speak english. Forty five minutes later, the “help line expert” finally recognizes that the website might be defunct.

And we will not even go into the number of times that Verizon drops calls.

Then, after wasting seven hours of my time, Verizon has the nerve to tell me that it will charge me north of $320.00 as an early termination fee for the contract.

So, lousy service from people who work for an incompetent company charging outrageous fees for voice and data that expects its customers to navigate the worst website in the world yielding a rip-off demand to terminate a contract.

StraightTalk: here I come.

Oh, wait a minute: Sprint will pay me to leave Verizon!

Sprint: here I come!

Nathan A. Busch

The Judiciary, Despots

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“The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body — working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the checks of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1821.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch