Reasonable Voices Must Not be Silenced

To my audience:

I apologize for the carnage that was visited upon my blog.  I have suffered an attack on both my blog and my own physical security:  apparently, someone did not like that I was investigating the “John Bell” stock SCAMS.  I have long been dedicated to exposing corruption where ever it may be found.  As time passes, I have become ever more committed to the cause.  Therefore, although I may be temporarily encumbered by the actions of others, I will not be deterred from my mission.

To my audience, I send my deepest gratitude.

Nathan A. Busch

6 Responses to “Reasonable Voices Must Not be Silenced”

  1. Nathan.
    I have not seen anything from you site for some time and I am curious as to why I suddenly get this from you. I have never removed your site from my mailings and I have always gotten all new posts till about a month ago or so. I am appalled that you have been attacked and I would like to know more and if that may be the reason why I no longer see any new posts. I watch a lot of sites that attacked JAMN and a lot of others but you seem to be the only one threatened by this John Bell. I stopped getting mail from them some time ago as well and I do watch the pump and dump scams closely and little has been said about this from my perspective, If you would care to not d this via blog please send via my email as you do have that. I do not neceesarily agree with your politics but I do believe we all ahve a right to say what we truly believe.

  2. I may have inadvertently deleted your site my apology

  3. i’ve always enjoyed your thoughtful writings. Keep up the good work

  4. Will you be able to restore what you lost? For that matter, do you intend to try to restore what was lost? That thread contained some insightful and informative information regarding Mr. Bell and hackthestockmarket. Thank you.

  5. Dan, Nick, Steve, and my audience:

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and gratitude. It is I that should be, and am, grateful to my audience for the support you have provided me for many months.

    Unfortunately, I did not save the materials that had accumulated on my blog regarding John Bell, Shane Whittle, Rohan Marley, and penny stock scams. To re-create that material would be prohibitively expensive of time. However, I will reintroduce what I have and have been in the process of obtaining whilst moving forward with my campaign against penny stock scams.

    As one of my audience asked, perhaps the attack had nothing to do with “John Bell.” I admit that that is a distinct possibility that cannot be ignored. However, the attack occurred just as I was about to provide my audience with the evidence and analysis regarding the next John Bell/Shane Whittle stock SCAM. It might have been nothing more than a co-incidence. But it did give me pause to think for a while.

    As I stated before, I will not be deterred.

    Nathan A. Busch

  6. I printed out the first 91 pages of the John Bell information because I was learning a lot about investment or what not to invest in. I regret that I did not print from 92 to the end before it was stopped.

    I have now bookmarked this link and will be checking regularly.

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