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The Old Jewish Woman

Posted in Observations during Life on 17, February 2012 by nathanbusch

The old jewish woman with deep black bags around her eyes entered Crossroad Deli;

complained did she that the piece of pie that her husband ate had a large gouge out of the side.

Asked the clerk: when did her husband eat the piece of pie?

Last night at dinner here at Crossroads Deli stated she.

Replied the clerk: but your husband ate the piece of pie.

Yes, said she, but the piece had a large gouge out of the side.

The deli clerk saw the cost of resisting: he gave the woman a pie.

The old jewish woman with deep black bags around her eyes.

Nathan A. Busch


Caribou Coffee; Rochester, Minnesota; Friday, 16th February 2012

Posted in Observations during Life on 17, February 2012 by nathanbusch

I was sitting in the Caribou Coffee, drinking my Green Tea and studying.

I kindly man entered, ordered a cup of “dark roast”, and sat at a table to drink the coffee.

He made a few telephone calls.

He rose to leave, went to the counter to ask that his cup of coffee be “topped up.”

He said that that would make him “happy.”

Five minutes after he left, the barista said to her colleague: “I would be happy if he never came back.”

Thought I: what will she say of me after I have left Caribou Coffee?

Nathan A. Busch

I Live My Principles

Posted in Uncategorized on 14, February 2012 by nathanbusch

It is my fundamental belief that: the only core value to be defended above all others in a representative democracy is the right of every voice to be heard, considered, and respected. In our history, we have turned to violence in opposition to those that would censure and quash contrary voices. We have become a great nation only because those that have gone before us were willing to give the ultimate price to defend that core value. They served the institution we now know as democracy and their valor is saved in the repository of our collective conscious.

Over the past few days an open conflict has arisen amongst members of a committee of the Windom Area School Board as to the terms and conditions that the district would be willing to accept. That committee was, and is, in the process of negotiating a contract with Education Minnesota of the Windom School District. I took the position that the contract should not be ratified by the school board because, in my opinion, it is detrimental to the students, the district, the taxpayers, and eventually to the teachers. Two of the school board members expressed vehement criticism of my opposition and sought to have me removed from the committee because of my dissent. The Chairman of the School Board has demanded that I justify my opposition: a demand that he has not made of the two aforementioned school board members.

I was duly elected to be a voice of the residents of the Windom Area School District. They gave me the right to express their voice as a member of the School Board. Because the school board has sought to censure the voice of those that voted me into office as well as my own voice, I rose up in strenuous opposition. In the course of doing so, I took the battle to a place the sanctity of which deserved the utmost protection. For that, I am deeply sorry and apologize to all that heard and had to bear the emotional trauma of the battle.

I have long counseled others that: when their own principles are elevated above the needs of the institution that they serve, it is time for them depart from that institution. Without fault, I have elevated my own principle that the core value of a representative democracy must be protected, even at my own risk, above the sanctity and needs of the school that I sought to serve. It is time for me to depart.

I wish the school district well.

Nathan A. Busch

Philadelphia Oil Service Index

Posted in Investing on 9, February 2012 by nathanbusch

Hypothesis: it is possible to weight the 15 companies used to construct the Philadelphia Oil Service Index in such a way that the resultant index outperforms the Philadelphia Oil Service Index.

A preliminary study indicates that the hypothesis may be accepted. Using data since 1st October 2007 through 9th January 2012: the new index is at 121.1% of its value on 1st October 2007; the Philadelphia Oil Service Index is at 72.1% of its value on 1st October 2007. The new index will outperform the Philadelphia Oil Service Index by about 68%.

Nathan A. Busch