“John Bell” Will Publish his Stock Pick on 15th March 2012

At 0427h, Tuesday, 13th March 2012, I received the following e-mail from our mysterious “John Bell”.
I’ll send you my pick tomorrow
Here’s how it will work:
On Wednesday, I’m going to email you a full report about my 2012 pick.
This report will give you all the details about the company, their operations etc.
BUT… It won’t give you the company’s name or symbol.
I’ll send you that on Thursday morning.
The reason for this is because if I send out a long email report on pick day – I know most will just not read it, they’ll be too busy excitedly watching the market.
So tomorrow morning; brew yourself a coffee, sit down and read my report carefully.
I think you’ll be glad you did.
John Bell
P.S. If this email means nothing to you. Perhaps you missed my previous messages.
Here’s the summary:
In 2011 I released just one pick, “Jammin Java”.
Jammin’ rocketed from $0.70 when I first picked it to a high of $6.35.
The reason Jammin’ rose to such a incredibly high level was due to a short squeeze. I DO NOT expect my 2012 pick to be as successful and neither should you.
What’s more… Investing in these picks is a highly speculative activity.
So if you are of a nervous disposition please DO NOT invest.
For the benefit of my audience, I will publish any e-mail that I receive from “John Bell” on 14th March 2012.
In his original set of advertisements, which were published in late 2010, our “John Bell” stated that he would provide analysis on about four to six “hot stock picks” per year exclusively to subscribers.  Of course, if he restricted the dissemination of information only to subscribers and if he had only hundreds of subscribers then his “hot stock picks” would not see gains of over 900% within four months.  To accomplish such a feat in the investing world requires convincing thousands of “suckers,” as P.T. Barnum called them, to buy when the stock is rising.  As I indicated in my missives during the Jammin Java SCAM, the only reason that the stock rose at such a rapid rate was because a well-orchestrated Internet campaign convinced a sufficient number of people to risk money by buying stocks in a company that had no business plan, no intellectual property, no income, no prospect of any income, and only liabilities.  Evidently, “John Bell” managed to recruit a very great number of suckers as subscribers to his service; apparently most of whom paid thousands of dollars in subscription fees.  He has now clearly stated in one e-mail as well as the one quoted above that he intends to publish only one “hot stock pick” per year.  Perhaps those that bought his subscription service are feeling a bit chagrined about now.
Thank you Dan for your e-mail regarding my progress with identifying the stock ticker symbol before he released his information on 15th March 2012.  Unfortunately, a badly broken leg has prevented my giving the netbots the required attention.  However, I can report the following:  our “John Bell” has erased all of his fingerprints from almost everything that he has ever touched.  This includes the SEC registration for Global Industries, Inc. (GBLS).  It is still possible to obtain copies of the documents for companies, with which he has been associated, that were filed with the SEC; however, the listing with the SEC has been erased.
I instructed my netbots to follow every name, address, telephone number, and investing concept contained in every document that I could find that could possibly be related to our mysterious “John Bell.”  Every single lead resulted in a dead end.  This guy has gotten very good at hiding his tracks.  However, he is about to make a mistake and I will, with luck on my side, publish the ticker symbol before he does on 15th March 2012.
I hope that this helps.
Nathan A. Busch

2 Responses to ““John Bell” Will Publish his Stock Pick on 15th March 2012”

  1. The ticker is TFER. It’s already known among some traders who are knowledgeable about these pump and dumps.

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