The Ticker Symbol is TFER

Our mysterious “John Bell” has launched his latest penny stock SCAM.  The following is the text contained at the destination of a hyperlink, which was included in an e-mail that was sent at 1011h today, 14th March 2012.
Below is my full report about tomorrow’s pick.
Remember this email won’t give you the name or symbol of the pick – I’ll send you that tomorrow morning!
The Sector
When looking for picks that will rocket in price, in my experience you need two things.
A hot company in a hot sector.
The hot sector is important. A hot sector, a sector every investor wants to “exposure” to attracts a large amount of capital.
Tech is a hot sector, but the problem with tech is while there is huge demand for tech investments there is very, very little supply.
That’s why Facebook can get an impossibly high valuation – They’re selling themselves to a market that is already crying out for opportunities.
In my experience the really explosive picks come from buying the best company in a hot sector.
The reason is obvious.
If a lot of capital is flowing into one sector like tech or mining – This capital (of course) seeks the best, the most exciting prospects.
So if you own the most exciting prospect in a hot sector, you’ll be propelled not only by the company’s potential but also by the large capital inflows into that sector.
I’ve already mentioned what I believe are the hot sectors right now. Mining companies and Tech companies.
Tech is obvious, it’s been hot for years now due to the unprecedented growth that comes to a new idea that “gets it right”. Think Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.
But mining is I believe an even hotter sector than tech.
While the world could do without another Twitter… China, India, Brazil and Russia cannot go on developing without vast amounts of iron, timber, oil etc.
These raw materials are the building blocks of an industrialized nation.
And I believe the demand for these commodities is like a ratchet. It can only go higher. The more the developing countries grow and develop the more resources their populace demands.
These raw materials are so important to China that they will simply bid up the price of these commodities until enough is supplied to satiate their demand.
Scientists often warn us that within 20 or 30 years the world’s total resources of oil or iron or some other commodity will be depleted.
But this speculation by scientists has gone on for at least the past 40 years. And it is always based on faulty logic.
The scientists are basing their estimates of worldwide oil on the oil that is currently recoverable at current oil prices.
But the truth is… As the price of oil rises so too does the amount of oil that is economical to recover.
The rise in oil prices is what allowed deep sea drilling, which at one point was deemed impossible.
Hopefully you get my point:
The only way China, India, Brazil, Russia and all others can continue developing is if the price of commodities rise drastically.
A higher price on raw materials like oil and iron is the ONLY way there will be enough resources to go around.
While we’re on the subject, China can do without Gold. They cannot do without the raw materials that make up a modernized country.
The “Play”
So we’ve established I believe industrial metals mining is probably the hottest sector right now.
To my mind, the best method of “playing” a hot sector is finding a company you like so much that… Even if you are wrong about the sector, you’re still holding a hot prospect.
My 2012 pick is a company that I believe fits this mold.
It allows us to “play” the global commodity boom while also enjoying the blue-sky potential that comes with exploration companies.
There is a new trend in the mining world.
With the boom in commodity prices already underway, miners have started doing something really exciting.
Instead of exploring for brand new discoveries, exploration companies are now looking at historical mineral deposits.
In other words, mining properties that have previously been explored 20 or more years ago and where some kind of discovery was made and then abandoned.
There is always a reason why the discovery was abandoned and not developed into a mine. Most often the deposit was of too low grade or the cost of extraction was too high.
Whatever the case, some of these abandoned and forgotten discoveries can now be worth a lot.
With commodity prices so high, a property that was 40 years ago deemed uneconomical to mine – May now be very economical to mine, now that the price of the underlying commodity is 10x higher.
Exploration companies can therefore drill historical claims with a fairly good idea of what is below the ground.
One example of a company that did just this is Northern Oil and Gas or “NOG”. Northern bought up mineral rights to oil fields previously thought to be unrecoverable. When the price of oil rose, Northern was sitting on a goldmine.
The price of NOG swiftly followed, within 2 years it rocketed from $2.22 to $33.98!
The Company
The pick I’m sending you tomorrow is I believe a hot prospect in a hot sector.
It’s an iron ore exploration company intently focused on exploring a single mining claim.
This mining claim was 50 years ago owned by Union Pacific Railroad. In the 1960’s Union Pacific spent $25m developing the property.
Union Pacific was clearly excited about what they’d found. The $25m they spent is probably closer to $150m in today’s dollars.
In my opinion, it’s likely the property was abandoned because at 1960’s iron prices – It was not economically feasible to mine.
This property was forgotten about until just a few years ago when it was stumbled upon by an experienced mining executive.
This mining executive was so excited by what he found, he assembled a team of his colleagues in order to strike out on their own.
They quickly formed their own company with the sole purpose of exploring this claim and reconfirming the historical data.
I’ll send you the name and symbol of this pick tomorrow morning!
John Bell
P.S. If you cannot afford to lose the entirety of your investment, DO NOT invest in tomorrow’s pick.
I’m serious, this isn’t legal babble.
Mr. Krieger was correct, it appears that the company is Titan Iron Ore, Corp., and the ticker symbol is TFER.  It is interesting that a ticker symbol search on EDGAR returns the result that the symbol does not exist.  Howerver, a serarch of “Titan Iron Ore, Corp., returns a host of documents that have been filed with the SEC.
As expected, this company has no income, a minute negative free cash flow, a miserable EV/EBITDA, zero ROCI, zero ROA, a trading volume, on 14th March 2012, of 3,470,849, and a price of $1.38.  It appears that before about December 2011, the price was in the range of 30¢ per share, which means that the share price has risen about 460% since this SCAM started.
Before 24th June 2011, this company was called Digital Yearbook, Inc.  On, or about 15th June 2011, the name was changed to Titan Iron Ore, Corp.  The state of incorporation, as expected, is Nevada, and primary place of business is declared to be Arizona, while the offices are located at 4320 – 196 Street, SW, #111, Lynwood, Washington 98036-6754 and the telephone number is 425.286.3068.  A quick Google search indicates that this is the address for a strip mall in Lynwood Washington complete with a doctor’s office, a garage door repair place, and a law office.  Interestingly, there seems to be no mention, on Google Maps, of Titan Iron Ore, Corp., at the given address.  Since Shane Whittle is thought to operate out of the Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia, area, it seems reasonable that he would declare the initial location of the place of business as Seattle.  Nevertheless, given the past scheme of our “John Bell” and Shane Whittle, I would have been surprised if offices for Titan Iron Ore actually existed and if such offices actually existed in Lynwood, Washington.
In conformance with previous stock scams by our “John Bell”:
Also effective June 15, 2011 we [Titan Iron Ore, Corp.] effected a 37 to one forward stock split of our authorized and issued and outstanding common and preferred stock.  As a result, our authorized capital has increased from 100,000,000 shares of common stock with a par value of $0.0001 to 3,700,000,000 shares of common stock with a par value of $0.0001 of which 5,151,000 shares of common stock outstanding increases to 190,587,000 shares of common stock.
This is typical for penny stock scams.  A reverse merger is set into place and then a very large number of shares are authorized so that the initial “owners” of the shares can sell these during the SCAM for a tremendous amount of profit.  As at 17th June 2011, Mr. Ed Mulhern was President, CEO, CFO, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Titan Iron Ore, Corp.  Seems that he could have recruited at least one other person to bear one of those titles.
On 24th June 2011, Titan Iron Ore stated that it had sold 2,100,000 of securities to two investors for a price of U.S.$0.50 each.  Interesting here, each security included a single shares of common stock and one-half of one warranty.  Under the terms of the transaction, each “share purchase warrant entitles the holder to purchase one share of our common stock at a purchase price of US $0.75 per share for a period of three years.”  It does not take a genius to figure out when these warrants will be exercised.  Although the financial statements for the company disclose an amount of cash on hand equivalent to more than $1,000,000, there is no evidence that the U.S.$1,050,000 had actually been transfered onto the accounts of Titan Iron Ore, Corp.
On, or about, 30th June 2011, Titan Iron Ore, Corp., moved its designated offices from Lynwood, Washington, to 3040 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 110, Tucson AZ 85719 and changed the corporate telephone number to 520.989.0020.  This office building is next to an apparently abandoned Union filing station and the building appears to be completely abandoned.  Also, on 30th June 2011, Titan Iron Ore, Corp., announced that it had hired Andrew Brodkey as President and CEO.  
Of particular interest is that: a company named J2 Mining Ventures Ltd. had entered into an Assignment Agreement on 26th May 2011 with Wyomex LLC, pursuant to which Wyomex LLC, as optionor, granted to J2 Mining, as optionee, an exclusive right and option to acquire 100% undivided legal and beneficial interests in and to the Wyoming Iron Complex, consisting of certain unpatented lode mining claims, leased lands, and other interests in real property situated in Albany County, Wyoming.  On 30th June 2011, J2 Mining assigned the Assignment Agreement to Titan Iron Ore, Corp.  The term of the option commenced on May 26, 2011 and initially extended until June 26, 2011.  Under the terms of the Assignment Agreement between Titan, and now Wyomex, was that: the term of the agreement could extended for a maximum of six (6) successive one-month periods, at the sole election of Titan, by notice to Wyomex L.L.C. and tender of $5,000 from Titan to Wyomex, L.L.C. for each of the first three (3) additional months and $15,000 for each additional month for months four (4) through six (6) at the sole discretion of Titan Iron Ore, Corp.  Apparently, the first $5,000 has been paid  by Titan to Wyomex.  However, there is no indication that either further extensions of time were sought and paid for by Titan or that the option had been exercised.
If Titan Iron Ore decided to exercise its option under the Assignment Agreement, then it must pay to Wyomex, L.L.C. a total purchase price of $7,000,000, which consists of the following components: (1) payment at closing of $85,000 as an initial payment; (2) any monies or consideration previously paid by J2 Mining to Wyomex LLC; (3) commencing six (6) months from the date of closing and after receipt of the initial payment, and every six (6) months thereafter, Titan shall pay Wyomex LLC, as advance minimum royalty, $62,500, as adjusted under the Option Agreement, until the commencement of commercial production from the property; and (4) at the commencement of commercial production from the property, the semi-annual advance minimum royalty shall convert to a 4.5% gross metal value royalty on iron ore and/or other mineral materials produced and sold from the property and, except for events of force majeure, in no event shall the production royalty paid to Wyomex LLC be less than $150,000 in any given calendar year.  As of writing this entry to my blog, no evidence exists that production has actually started at the Albany County, Wyoming, complex.
Given the considerable cost of exercising the option, it seems highly unlikely that Titan Iron Ore, Corp., did so.  If it did not, then Titan owns nothing more than a piece of paper with some writing on it.  If it did exercise the option, and given the state of the world iron ore demand, then Titan is being managed by some people that are of dubious intelligence.
A further interesting set of facts about the aforementioned Assignment Agreement are the following: (1) the option agreement required J2 Mining and Wyomex LLC to assigned the 100% right, title and interest in and the Option Agreement from J2 Mining to Titan Iron Ore, Corp.; (2) Andrew Brodkey was to be hired as as President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Iron Ore, Corp.; (3) Titan Iron Ore, Corp., would enter into consulting agreements with Kriyah Consultants, LLC, Sage Associates, Inc. and J2 Mining; (4) payment of $2,440 as reimbursement to J2 Mining for any direct out of pocket costs incurred by J2 Mining in acquiring the Option Agreement; and (5) the then shareholders of Titan Iron Ore, Corp., would transfer a total of 18,000,000 fully-paid, non-assessable common shares in the capital of Titan to J2 Mining and other persons as nominated by J2.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Brodkey received advanced payment in the form of 6,000,000 shares of common stock in Titan Iron Ore, Corp.
Now we have our information upon which we may arrive at a conclusion as to how “John Bell” got his shares of Titan Iron Ore, Corp., from which he will make a very handsome profit in this penny stock SCAM.  If one could possibly imagine that any of the transactions reported on 30th June 2011 were fully transparent, legal, and above board then I might suggest a very long visit to your local mental health facility.
On, or about, 12th July 2011, Dr. Ronald J. Richman was appointed as director of the company and given 800,000 common shares of Titan Iron Ore, Corp.  Accoriding to his biography:
Dr. Ronald J. Richman from 2008 to the present was a co-director at Arid Lands Bioenergy Institute at the University of Arizona responsible for developing industrial liaison program, and reviewing programs for potential commercialization responsible for developing industrial liaison program, and reviewing programs for potential commercialization. Dr.  Richman was appointed as a Director and to the Audit Committee of Pan American Lithium Corp. in 2010. From 2003 to the present, Dr. Richman was Director and Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Technology Development Center in Tucson, AZ a not-for-profit organization promoting sustainable economic development across Southern Arizona with focus on renewable resources. Prior to this, Dr. Richman held senior executive positions with IBM where he worked for 35 years. Dr. Richman received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from New York University, a Master of Science in Chemistry at the University of Colorado, a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from the University of Colorado, the Wharton Executive Program, Wharton School, Senior Management Development at Sands Point IBM.
None of these claims are currently verifiable.
Other useful pieces of information include the following: (1) Titan Iron Ore hired Manning Elliott, L.L.P., as the accountant for the company; (2) 3,700,000,000 shares are outstainding, of which 189,247,000 were issued and outstanding as at the end of June 2011; (3) Wolfe, Axelrod, Weinberger, and  Associates L.L.C. was hired in November 2011 as the investor relations agency for Titan Iron Ore with compensation amounting to payment by Titan Iron Ore of $8,000 per month as a fee and options to purchase 500,000 shares at various exercise prices; (4) on 11th January 2012, Titan Iron Ore entered into an agreement whereby it would sell 1,334,000 units to two investors at a price of $0.75 per unit for gross proceeds of $1,000,500, each unit consising of one share of common stock and one half of one warrant exercisable into one share of the company at $1.00 per share.
To prepare for the SCAM, Titan Iron Ore, Corp., announced that:
Effective November 22, 2011 our board of directors adopted and approved the stock option plan. The purpose of the stock option plan is to enhance the long-term stockholder value of our company by offering opportunities to directors, key employees, officers, independent contractors and consultants of our company to acquire and maintain stock ownership in our company in order to give these persons the opportunity to participate in our company’s growth and success, and to encourage them to remain in the service of our company. A total of 9,947,400 shares of our common stock are available for issuance under the stock option plan.
Let us think for a few minutes:  the first two announced investors obtained 2,100,000 common share for $0.50 each and warrants to purchase a further 1,050,000 shares at $0.75 per share.  Today, 14th March 2012, the price of TFER shares was $1.38.  These two investors have already had capital gains of $848,000 and, if they exercised their warrants, a further capital gains of $661,500 for a total capital gain of $1,509,500.  This is not a bad reward for a very low risk situation, to these two investors, over the course of about 10 months time.  The second set of two investors have already obtained a capital gain of $840,420 on the shares that they purchased for 75¢ per share and a further $253,460 if they have already exercised their warrants for a total of $1,093,000.
I must give credit where credit is due:  our mysterious “John Bell” and those that join his penny stock SCAM early on make a fortune in a very short span of time.
Tomorrow many fools will buy TFER; a few will make a lot of money if they get out at the correct time on the way up; most will come back from this nightmare with empty pockets.
More later.
Nathan A. Busch

8 Responses to “The Ticker Symbol is TFER”

  1. analyst Says:

    Interesting report, but some facts are missing; what is Titan Iron ore about? Or as the results of the drilling and the potential resource they are sitting on. It seems that based on these drill results, that if Titan Iron Ore start to mine and ship plain iron ore and ilmenite, the project has the potential to be profitable and there is still the possibility to upgrade the ore. And in today’s world our world of mergers and takeovers, who is to say that Titan Iron Ore would not be the perfect candidate of such.

    • “Analyst”

      It was my intention to fill in some of the “missing facts” over the course of the next couple of days.

      If taken in the abstract, I agree with your comment that “the project has the potential to be profitable….” I also agree with your comment, if taken in the abstract, that “Titan Iron Ore … [could] be the perfect candidate” for a takeover. If the financial reports of this company were different, and if the history of this company was far more transparent than it is, and if it could be verified that this company had actually exercised its options on the Wyoming Iron Complex in Albany County, Wyoming, and if it could be verified that the company actually had boots on the ground starting the mining operation, and if this company was not being promoted by our mysterious “John Bell”, then I would be first in line to seriously consider investing. However, even “John Bell” gives us a clear hint that this company has no merit when he states that: [e]xploration companies can therefore drill historical claims with a fairly good idea of what is below the ground.” Two problems are immediately apparent with this statement and the natural consequences so implied. First, if the claim had been previously explored then it would not be necessary for exploration companies to drill test wells to determine the extent of the material to be mined unless the old veins had been tapped out and it was necessary to identify the extent of new veins. However, as those that have studied historical test wells for uranium will know, it is not always possible to positively identify the extent of a vein simply by drilling test wells. The second problem becomes apparent when the quoted language is read in conjunction with the filing with the SEC in which Titan Iron Ore, Corp., stated that the mineral rights were not patented. If the mine had previously been explored or developed then there would be no need to explore prior to development and the mineral rights would, most likely, have already been patented. These pieces of information suggest that the mineral rights had not been previously explored or developed. In such a case, this company would be a very poor choice for a high risk investment.

      Further, consider that this company only came into existence about eight months ago through a reverse merger and then immediately did a 37 for 1 stock split. On needs to ask why any company would feel it necessary to expand its authorized stock of 100,000,000 thirty-seven times before it had even seen the first penny of revenue come in the door. One would also have to ask why, if a company was in existence for more than eight months, it has done nothing other than manipulate documents and stock holdings. There is no evidence that so much as a single penny has been spent on either exploring the mine or developing an existing mine. Also, if this was a development company genuinely interested in the long-term benefit to the shareholders, why would it hire a public relations firm at $8,000 per month and grant 500,000 in stock options. It would be better to use the funds to put boots on the ground than raise the stock price.

      I have always admitted that I may be wrong about these things. However, I called the Jammin Java penny stock SCAM on 23rd December 2009 before it ever began. I called the top of that SCAM to within two days. Almost everything about Titan Iron Ore looks, feels, and “smells” like Jammin Java. The old “duck” adage is appropriate here.

      Nathan A. Busch

  2. Who is the “Mr. Krieger” who is mentioned in the post? I saw his name, but not a reference to who he is. Just curious.

    I see that as of ~Noon TFER was around 1.50, which I think is 10 cents above its close yesterday.

    For what that is worth.

    I also saw some on-line chatter about TFER being a pump-n-dump. The chatter was rather old, too. From around mid-December, which surprised me.

    Any more news??? Thank you.

    • Dan:

      Thank you for your comment and query. I do not know Mr. Krieger, but was grateful for the lead. Perhaps he will take notice of your query and identify himself.

      I have now had an opportunity to study Titan Iron Ore, Corp. Without reservation, I am calling this a penny stock SCAM.

      Yes, it appears that a lot of the rise in the price of the stock has already occurred. However, given the history of the “John Bell” SCAMS, there might be some life left in this one. I am not putting so much as a halfpenny into this stock, because there is nothing to this company to merit even a 1¢ share price.

      Nathan A. Busch

  3. Yeah, it hasn’t been a very strong week for TFER. There might not be any more steam left in this pump-n-dump. John was right when he said this wouldn’t be another JAMN.

    Nevertheless, if John got into this back in late October, or even late December, the prices then were hovering around 35 cents and 55 cents, respectively. If he has cashed in on the recent prices in the 1.50 to 1.75 range, then he has done well.

    If things don’t change quickly, then there’ll be a deafening silence to be heard from Mr. Bell. He’ll either have to re-invent himself or do like the Cubs and “wait until next year”.

  4. I get Shane’s – er, “John Bell’s” – emails at the second or third wave of his pump phases, I guess. A long time ago I fell for that ad and, while I didn’t spend or lose any money, I continue to get the long-winded alerts. For some reason he doesn’t realize I get them several days apart; for example, I might get the “Stock Pick” on a Wednesday and a separate email the same day telling me I’m going to get the pick “soon” and should call in sick to work when I do. Then I get it again. I received the latest one strongly urging me to buy TFER this week (October 2012), long after the March 2012 and whatever previous predictions got sent out. I never buy the stock but keep following this story hoping I’ll see him and his buddy Rohan Marley taken down.

    He’s funny because he has really gotten into his character, mentioning probably fictional details such as his kids. He also needs a basic lesson in English grammar and a spell checker.

    • Enjoyed your candid comments about JB, Andrea. With me, he has always kept his multiple release dates straight – a fact that has always impressed me in a strange sort of way. Yeah, his recent insights into his (fictionalized?) personal life seemed out of character, but made the story line all the more enjoyable. And, finally, you are right: his grammar and spelling have slipped in the recent months. I wonder if he has outsourced some of his duties to underlings???

      Tomorrow I get my pick. He reminded me of it, right on cue, today!

  5. Kind of late but you called it. “analyst” is probably mr. mysterious john bell.

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