“John Bell”, 21st March 2012

Today, Wednesday, 21st March 2012, at 1140h Central Time, the price of TFER was $1.47. It looks like this “hot penny stock” SCAM of our mysterious “John Bell” is not working out very well for him.

Nathan A. Busch

36 Responses to ““John Bell”, 21st March 2012”

  1. Of course, we don’t know when he first started pushing TFER. There was chatter back in mid-November about TFER when its price was 60 to 80 cents. While this price increase doesn’t approach what JAMMN did, if he had a position in TFER back then — well, he’s not hurting too much financially!

    Perhaps he’ll have to reinvent himself. There’s your next challenge, Nathan. Out him before he has a chance to resurface like a chameleon.

    Good day —

  2. They are working out the size, shaking traders out on the dips and then inching it back up again. This is typical of these pump and dump patterns and JAMN showed a similar pattern.

    • yngval:

      Thank you for your comments. In the early states, Jammin Java did behave as you mentioned. If your theory is correct, then the peak should be about $5.50 per share and should be reached in about 7 weeks, or about the second week of May. I shall run an analysis of the JAMN price history and refine these numbers a bit more in the next few days.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • Hi, Nathan,

        I doubt TFER will do what JAMN did. JAMN had the benefit of having a somewhat celebrity-ish name associated with it (Marley), which enhanced the pump and likely suckered more people into buying it. Plus, JAMN was subject to a number of short squeezes which drove the price into the 6’s. I don’t see TFER repeating it even though the same pumpers are behind it. I’ve found that pumpers are usually unable to repeat past successes to the same degree. For example, the people who pumped LEXG (which went to $10) also pumped RAYS, but RAYS did not go nearly as high as LEXG did.

      • yngval:

        Thank you for your insights. Your comments certainly carry considerable weight. I might add that selling a coffee company is a more attractive proposition than selling a company that mines low-grade iron ore. Still, understanding the dynamics of these SCAMS seems to be worthwhile.

        Nathan A. Busch

  3. anniebonny Says:

    Nathan – John Bell is sending out a new pick through “the LautnerLetter” – perhaps they have abandoned the TFER?

    new pick – Pershing Gold.
    I posted some links for it – but they didn’t take.
    Someone received the pick already – but I only received a letter on March 21, 2012 from Lautner it was coming out today – March 27.

    • AnnieBonny:

      Thank you for the information. Yngval, what do you make of this?

      I shall take a look at this today and will report what I find.

      Nathan A. Busch

  4. I admire your tenacious attitude, Nathan. Go for it!

    Will be interested to read what you learn about PG.

  5. anniebonny Says:

    Pick: Pershing Gold Corp (PGLC)

    How often does the average investor get to invest alongside a billionaire?

    The answer: Not often.

    My pick today is a burgeoning gold company with the financial backing of Dr. Phillip Frost.

    If you’ve never heard of Dr. Frost – Take a look at his Forbes profile… he’s ranked as the 188th richest American (see: http://www.forbes.com/profile/phillip-frost/)

    Dr. Frost is the largest backer of Pershing Gold Corporation (formerly Sagebrush Gold Ltd).

    Phillip Frost’s other venture OPKO Health, Inc. (NYSE: OPK), just graduated to the NYSE and has gone from $1.80 to $4.85 within the last year.

    Here’s what Forbes said about Dr. Frost “[Phillip Frost] is closely followed by a lot of Wall Street investors — including hedge funds and private equity capital firms — because of his diligent research, savvy and experience in spotting under-priced companies with undiscovered assets.”

    (See: http://www.forbes.com/sites/genemarcial/2011/05/17/teva-chairman-continues-to-seek-undervalued-biopharmaceuticals/)

    So we know PGLC has the backing of a legendary billionaire, but why?

    With this company, “Why?” is the question you’ve got to keep asking yourself…

    Why would a legendary billionaire invest in PGLC? A billionaire that specializes in finding small companies that turn into big companies.

    Dr. Frost founded IVAX Corporation in 1987 and sold it for $10bn in January 2006!

    This is a guy who spots something special at the earliest stages.

    Not only is PGLC backed by a legendary billionaire, it’s also managed by mining industry rockstar Steve Alfers.

    Steve Alfers recently quit his job as Chief of U.S. Operations at $5.5bn Franco Nevada to become Chairman and CEO of the burgeoning Pershing Gold?

    Prior to joining Franco Nevada, Alfers was President and CEO of NewWest Gold which he eventually sold for $186.9m to Fronteer Gold. Subsequently, Fronteer Gold was sold to Newmont Mining for over $2bn.

    So this is yet another guy who specializes in building small companies into big companies.

    Here’s another question: Why would Pershing Gold Corporation buy a state of the art gold processing plant located on their Pershing County claim block?

    So these are all the reasons I think PGLC could become one of my long-term greatest ever picks.

    But why now? Why have I waited til’ precisely today to tell you about PGLC?

    Pershing Gold is about to finish their current drill program at the Pershing County Gold Property.

    Those results should be posted in the very near future.

    Could these results be the reason why Dr. Frost recently increased his backing of PGLC? (See: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Dr-Phillip-Frost-Increases-pz-3858575916.html?x=0)

    Is this why Steve Alfers left a $5.5bn mining company to head up Pershing Gold, a “risky” exploration stage company?

    Is this also why Pershing Gold recently increased their land position in Pershing County and changed their name from “Sagebrush Gold Ltd” to “Pershing Gold Corporation”?

    In my opinion…

    Something very big is happening here. And I believe I’ve found it at the very beginning.

    Marc Lautner

    This message was sent to xxxx@hotmail.com from:

    John Bell | 3368 Mount Tabor | Elmsford, NY 10523

    In my letter on March 21 – the disclaimer said the new pick was paid by mason Investor – $1.1 million – but does not appear on the actual pick newsletter disclaimer.


  6. anniebonny Says:

    More letters showing up – but signed by “Richard Fisher” – whom I believe also appeared on a JAMN one?
    on my letter from Lautner – it had a reference to “Fisher IR” with a virtual address.

    Bottom of my letter on March 21:

    “Short and sweet.

    Marc Lautner

    P.S. If you didn’t read my announcement email, I highly recommend you read it.

    If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:

    Fisher IR Inc. 795 Folsom Street San Francisco, California 94107 United States 447932978340”

    received today from another person:

    “My Pick is: Pershing Gold Corp.

    Hide Details
    FROM: Richard Fisher

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012 2:22 PM

    Pick: Pershing Gold Corp (PGLC)

    How often does the average investor get to invest alongside a billionaire?

    The answer: Not often.

    My pick today is a burgeoning gold company with the financial backing of Dr. Phillip Frost.

    (same as letter above)

    Is this also why Pershing Gold recently increased their land position in Pershing County and changed their name from “Sagebrush Gold Ltd” to “Pershing Gold Corporation”?

    In my opinion…

    Something very big is happening here. And I believe I’ve found it at the very beginning.

    Richard Fisher

    This message was sent to ***** from:

    John Bell | 4598 Berry Street | Cripple Creek, CO 80813 ”

    of possible interest – there was another “Richard Fisher” that surfaced a few years back – from “leakedstocks.com which at one time I connected to Bullishbankers.com (another JAMN letter – James Caan)

  7. I’m a curious observer, but not a savvy investor. Is PGLC gonna be a short, but perhaps, meteoric ride? Or is it going to bomb like it appears TFER is? What is everyone thinking???

    Thank you!

    • Dan and AnnieBonny:

      Thank you for your input. I am working on sorting through this latest turn of events. I cannot quite figure out why so much time and energy was put into setting up TFER and then allow it to be abandoned. YNGVAL has suggested that the promoters and original investors have done very well with TFER. That would only work if the only shares being traded originated with them. I cannot confirm that position. This is, indeed, a curious situation.

      More to come.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • I’m definitely not an insider, but if someone had gotten in back in the November timeframe, then that person would have gotten a decent return by getting out a couple of weeks ago. Not “double-triple-quadruple” your returns type of money, but “decent” money.

        For what that is worth!

        Methinks the only ones to make money this time around were the true insiders. I don’t know if there were any folks making money on the coat tails of the insiders. =:0

  8. anniebonny Says:

    Nathan – Leakedstocks.com is involved – Richard Fisher.

    this was the disclaimer on that posting above:

    I can’t locate Leakedstocks.com anymore – but at one time they had a disclaimer about there possible location:
    Jurisdiction and Choice of Law: LeakedStocks.com does not make any representation that materials in the Site are appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who choose to access this Site from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California, as it is applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within such State. Any action you, any third party or LeakedStocks.com brings to enforce these Terms and Conditions or, in connection with, any matters related to this Site shall be brought only in either the State or Federal Courts located in Sacramento, CA, and you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts.

  9. anniebonny Says:

    nathan – some connections for you:

    But the info doesn’t want to post. I’ll try to delete the IP stuff

    yes they are tied together – Bullishbankers/James Caan.
    Funny thing was on the Bullishbankers website (when I checked last year) they had a fake picture of someone that was NOT James Caan – actually found the guy’s who picture it really was.

    Resolve Host: vps.leakedstocks.com

    Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address. (example: bullishbankers.com)

    I think they also used this guy’s name too in the past
    John Meriwether <support@contrarianpicks.com
    Subject: Friday is Your Last Chance With BGBR

    Reverse IP: 1 website uses this address. (example: contrarianpicks.com)
    xxxxx/vps.leakedstocks.com IP Address WHOIS ..

    Also David Linberg
    Investing/Trading Stocks: Never invest in any stock featured on the LeakedStocks.com website or email newsletters unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. Neither the apocryphal David Lindberg

  10. I see that near the end of this trading day that PGLC is floundering around 74 cents after opening at 97 cents. That doesn’t sound like a hit in the making!?!? That’s about a 20 percent bounce in the wrong direction!

    What’s going on? Nathan or yngvai: any ideas?

    Thank you.

    • Dan and my audience:

      I apologize for having been a bit slow in looking into things over the last couple of days as my leg has been particularly bothersome. Perhaps I will have a good morning tomorrow and be productive.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • yngvai Says:

        Pumps can last for months, like JAMN, or only a few days. Even with PGLC the pumpers are still making money because their cost basis is low. Pumpers sometimes will also sell all or part of their holdings into a gap, let it fall, and then rebuy and repump. There’s no way to tell ahead of time how successful a pump is going to be, or how long it will run. The only thing that is certain is that they all eventually end up as virtually worthless stocks once the pumpers are long gone.

      • Interesting insights. And this makes sense to one who doesn’t do much investing. Thanks, yngvai.

      • yngval:

        Thank you for stepping in with your valuable insights.

        Nathan A. Busch

  11. On a side topic, I see that as of late this afternoon, TFER is up 15 cents from its open this morning. I wonder if a new round of pumping has begun? Back at the start of March TFER was around a buck and climbed to nearly 1.50. I wonder if in April it will do the same? Back-to-back months of 50 percent gains (for those in the know who get in and get out at the right times) isn’t bad money at all. Even this “failure” – comparing it to JAMN – is anything but for Mr. Bell.

    • yngvai Says:

      Day traders will trade this thing back and forth so you’ll get bounces even if the pumpers are done with it. That’s not to mention covering shorts (if anyone was able to find borrows) will result in bounces as well.

      • Like Nathan has said many a time: “Your comments are always insightful”. Mine is the viewpoint of an interested, but not market-knowledgable, bystander.

        Good points you’ve made! Thank you.

  12. anniebonny Says:

    having difficulty posting links that relate to John Bell Pump and Dumps.
    Perhaps these guys are connected:
    SEC Charges British Twin Brothers Touting “Stock Picking Robot” in Internet Pump-and-Dump Scheme

    Go to SEC litigation

    • anniebonny:

      Thank you for the information. I shall study on the situation and will revert.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • It’s not the same guys. The “Stock Picking Robot” was a pump and dump scheme that happened a number of years ago, and if the SEC is onto these guys they still wouldn’t be pumping stuff like TFER.

  13. If you want to see a high flying pump right now, look at SEFE. It’s currently being pumped by the same people who pumped RAYS and LEXG. It will end up the same as those other two

    • Yngval:

      I have been following the SEFE pump and dump for some time now. In February, I came across the first trace of the publicity for SEFE. I had an opportunity to study the SEC filings and the purported patent with the U.S.P.T.O. The claim is that a device can harness static electricity from the air and turn that into useful electrical power. The strategy will not work. The SEC filings indicate that this company is a non-entity. Two weeks ago, I bought a copy of Forbes Magazine to see if Kenneth Fisher had a column in that edition. While I was disappointed that he did not, on the back page was a full-page advertisement for SEFE. Well, it appears that even Forbes Magazine is not above taking money from criminals.

      • This reply isn’t quite on-topic, but has anyone gotten John Bell’s latest? He titles it his “Fast Money Pick”, or something like that. I guess b/c TFER fell flat, he is trying it again. Takes a lot of nerve.

        I figure if I am just getting this tip, then there must be some folks who follow this thread who have already received the “Fast Money Pick”. Anyone???

  14. this man, has a group of people on mailing list. he buys the stock, then sends out to all on list, when they buy the stock goes up, its called pump and dump. and it works for him, because he has bought the stock when low, then pumps it. very good idea, but illegal if the person doing the pumping owns any of the said stocks being pumped. contact me john please, i tried to respond to your email it said no such user, which means your using a mass emailer, and using a anonymous name, but has same smtp. we need to talk. Michael

  15. but uses the name richard fisher in his mass emailer. contact me sir. i have some things to discuss with you, i am not the law in no way shape or form, but i do know pump and dump

    • Michael:

      Our “John Bell” has recently sent out two e-mails, one at 0509h, 20th September 2012, and the other at 0445h, 18th September 2012. Your “Richard Fisher” may be engaged in a penny stock SCAM; nevertheless, he does not appear to be one and the same as the mysterious “John Bell”. My readers are familiar with these pump-and-dump schemes. Some have followed my advice and put a great distance between themselves and these schemes. Others have attempted to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by gambling on these schemes only to find the pot to be full of fools gold.

      Certainly the people that perpetrate these penny stock SCAMS are fully aware that these are illegal. I have personally informed both the FBI and the SEC of the last two schemes advanced by “John Bell” with the result that nothing happened. Rather than depending upon either the SEC or FBI to act against these dangerous schemes, it is best to engage some self control and personal responsibility by not attempting to make money gambling in a scheme in which it is almost guaranteed that you will come up short of funds.

      I hope this helps.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • Michael, the rest of us are interested in what you have to say. Mr. Bell has sent out two or more emails this week alone touting next week’s pick, which we know has been released already to those higher up the food chain. In fact, I have seen evidence that there will be a release on 9/26 and then again the very next day.

        The email I received today was very unlike John Bell. There was “Re:” in the subject line, as if it had been replied to already. The topic was about alphabet spaghetti and he mentioned his kids. VERY, VERY ODD!!!

        This thread has gotten stale. Maybe you can put some life into it with some new and pertinent info.

        Thanks —

      • Dan:

        Implied flogging duly noted.


        My comments may not always be sufficiently gracious, and it is not intentional if I fall short, but your comments are always welcome.

        I hope that this helps.

        Nathan A. Busch

      • The flogging had its desired outcome. Your subsequent post on this subject was up to your previous high standards. Very complete and well researched. Just what I have greedily come to expect from Mr. Busch. Please accept this reply as salve for any wounds inflicted.

        And very much looking forward to the additional follow-up you mentioned is coming — thank you.

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