John Bell, 1st May 2012

Interestingly, our mysterious “John Bell” sent his latest notice on May Day. I could write volumes as to the irony of his choice of dates, but I will spare my readers the trouble.

On Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 4:51 AM, I received an e-mail from “John Bell” that contained the following text:

Listen up, I have a new pick I’ll be releasing in two weeks time.

This pick will be what I call a “Fast Money” pick.

Why do I call it a “Fast Money” pick?

Because I expect this pick to reach its peak within just weeks of the official announcment!

Some of my picks are long-term holds with a 2 or 3 month time horizon.

But every so often I release one of these fast picks… And BOY are they exciting!

For all you thrillseekers interested in a quick buck, this is the pick for you.

My “Fast Money” picks have been known to triple and quadruple in price.

Make sure you’re ready for it.

More information to come.

John Bell

I am coming to enjoy his hyperventilating missives about the latest penny stock SCAM. By the way, I would not be surprised that it is SEFE. Should you want to gamble, here is what I suggest: set a “buy” at market and a stop limit at a 17% profit. That will give you the 1% transaction costs going in and coming out; one-third for income taxes as you will have short term capital gains, and hopefully not a loss, and will yield a net of about 10% on your money. If you are a true investor, just enjoy the show whilst sitting on the sidelines knowing that you are not giving your money to these SCAM artists.

Nathan A. Busch

4 Responses to “John Bell, 1st May 2012”

  1. The big question is: “Is this is the first time he has sent this message out?”. How far down the food chain are those of us who received this message on May 1, which is when I received it, too? The money to be made, if there is any (think: TFER), might have already been made, or will be made when we rush to invest in two weeks time.

    Is this Mr. Bell simply trying a re-do on TFER which didn’t seem to fare all that well for him?

    Comments or thoughts?

    Thank you.

    • Dan and my audience:

      Thank you for your query. I do not know where the 1st May 2012 e-mail from “John Bell” was in the timed distribution of information. If others have any information, please contribute by providing the date upon which the e-mail was received.

      When “John Bell” started the JAMN SCAM, he had advertisements on and actively sent e-mails to people on his mailing list. The result of this activity was a very rapid increase in the price of JAMN shares from about 24¢ to about $6.35 per share. For those attentive to penny-stock SCAMs, it is not difficult to notice the extent of advertisement and promotion for SEFE, including a full-page advertisement on the back page of Forbes. Since the start of the active promotion of SEFE, the price has moved from 32¢ to $2.96 and has since dropped to $1.14 as at 3rd May 2012. In contrast, “John Bell” barely promoted TFER, and I attribute the failure of that stock to give such lofty returns to his lack of active promotion.

      If he is active in promoting the his next penny-stock SCAM, it is likely that it will reproduce the JAMN or SEFE trajectory. If he is, once again, relaxed in his promotion effort, then it would not even be worth following the trajectory of the price.

      I hope this helps.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • There’s a new message from JB today. Says if this pick doesn’t double, then he’ll stop sending out picks, meaning he’ll find a new candidate list.

        Curious if I am the only one in this thread getting these messages now. Perhaps he’s already started to cull his list.

        Thank you.

      • Dan and my audience:

        As to whether our “John Bell” has started a new candidate list, I suspect that his comments regarding leaving the business if this “quick pick” SCAM does not double within a very short time is bluster meant to stimulate excitement amongst unwary gamblers. Nevertheless, it may very well be that he has lost a lot of credibility amongst those on his current candidate-victim list and would not have the benefit of credibility at the outset of another, entirely different strategy for harvesting funds from those who failed to diligently study the fundamentals and balance sheets of the target companies. That is, many of those who were contacted by e-mail have now taken the opportunity to read either this blog or other information available on the penny-stock scams and found that his importunate rhapsodies have either resulted in, or had the potential to lead only to, financial loss in the long term. Whilst “John Bell” may morph into some other entity, Shane Whittle has a specific pattern for initiating and advancing penny-stock SCAMS. Although I abhor the nature of his activity, I actually admit the care with which he executes his technical expertise in designing each SCAM. And, if I am correct, there may be elements that continue to impress upon Mr. Whittle that he does not have the choice of quitting the business.

        Nathan A. Busch

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