It might be that John Bell is at it again

Dear Readers:

Based upon the statistics for visitors to this Web log, it appears that our mysterious “John Bell” has either launched his newest stock pump-and-dump scheme or is close to doing so. I will publish any meaningful leads provided by my audience.

Nathan A. Busch

4 Responses to “It might be that John Bell is at it again”

  1. FWIW, I got an educational email from him around 7/31/12. At the end of the email he promsed a pick ” very soon”. However, in an email prior to 7/31, he opined that his next pick would be “post-Summer ” (my words, not his).

    Would like to hear what you have heard.

    Thank you.

    As an aside, you are probably aware of a website called “”. Do you know if it successfully identified any of his previous pump and dumps, such as JAMMN? Do you have an opinion of this website? It looks pretty active – identifying LOTS of what it says are current pump and dumps.

    While I am throwing out discussion items, I see Motley Fool is entering the realm of options trading. (Maybe this is not new territory for the Fool, but it was my first exposure to it from them.) Anyhow, any opinions on the Fool or this new wrinkle from it???

    • I know one is not supposed to reply to one’s own comments, but since there has been no discussion in a week or more, I thought I would add that Mr. Bell sent out a notice this morning to remind us that the pick is coming. What this probably really means is that another pump has gone out and this reminder is for those of us at the far end of the pump spectrum who get the final message long after there is any chance of making any $$$ on the investment.

      What do the informed have to say???

      Thank you.

      • Dan and my Audience:

        I received an e-mail dated 30th August, 2012, in which our mysterious “John Bell” explained that in about February 2012, he released a “stock pick” that: “exploded from a low of 0.17 to an absolute high of $1.57!” I had not heard of that particular “stock pick”. Nevertheless, based upon the language used in his latest e-mail, it appears that the latest stock “pump-and-dump” is already well underway.

        I have no information at this time as to what is the ticker symbol; however, I did receive another e-mail today from “John Bell.”

        Nathan A. Busch

      • According to today’s email, the pick will be released September 27. Mr. Bell suggests we all clear our calendars for this one. (And get ready to empty our bank accounts is implied or expected.)

        He seems down right beside himself about this pick! Is that a sign that the pump-n-dump is going well or just the opposite???

        Anyone out there who has already received the ticker symbol for this pick?

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