TFER Again.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012:

Word has it that our mysterious “John Bell” has again selected TFER as his “magic stock pick”. If memory serves, this is the same stock pick as he promoted back in March-April of 2012. Apparently, it turned such a poor performance then that he, and the insiders, were unable to dump all of their shares at that time. As a result, they are rerunning this penny stock SCAM again.

My advice: stay as far away from this one as you possibly can.

Nathan A. Busch

26 Responses to “TFER Again.”

  1. Yeah, it looks like it has already had a good run up since mid-September. Volumes are high this week. Anyone getting in now might be sorry or might want to be prepared to get out fast once the price heads South again, which it most likely will do soon.

    What puzzles me is I thought JB had said this was gonna be a biotech stock. TFER is not that.

  2. I think JB is more piggy riding on TFER than anything else. TFER seems to be a viable company with some potential in the future (IMHO). Real people, real soil, real iron. It still could turn out not to be economically feasible to sell the iron but nevertheless they currently have access to $10M to explore their options. So I think JB had a play in mind, but he might just have been disturbed by events which took place out of his control and actually made sense for the company. Now he had no choice than to let the rabbit out of the hat anyway. And yes we are invested in TFER for the long run and did our DD.

    • Just checked the price on TFER. It was up around 1.07. Looking back to mid-September – not even 40 days ago – it was down around .20 to .25. JB has already met his promise of a 5x gain and I haven’t even received my email from him yet. I get mine tomorrow.

      Funny that he is doing this with what seems to be a legit stock. I guess what happens to TFER for the rest of 2012 might help answer that quandary.

      I have seen chatter that this is just another JB pump and dump. Maybe this is a “hybrid”. Maybe JB has morphed himself.

      Hey, gotta love his flexibility and ingenuity, if he really planned it to be this way all along.

  3. Hey Nathan, What do you think about TAGG? John Bells magic for the TFER pick is that is about to promote it. But, right now APS is promoting TAGG. Do you think TAGG is legit?

    • And I hate to say it, but I checked TFER a while ago and it looks like it is in free fall!

      BTW, I did get my notification this morning. Plus, a second email a bit later. Not sure what the timing of the second email might have been in relation to the plummet of TFER’s price.

      It will be interesting to see if the fall reverses itself or if TFER settles back in the low .20s where it was in mid-September.

      Comments from those in the know???

      Thank you.

    • Chris and my audience:

      It is now about midnight and I just logged onto this web log. I will consider your query in the morning, 26th October 2012.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • Don’t forget to check TFER. It’s at its lowest point of the week. Looks like the wind that was in its sails wasn’t coming from Hurricane Sandy.

        Yeah, TAGG is triple what it was in early October. There is chatter that it is a pump and dump. But who knows who takes the credit —

      • Dan and my audience:

        I have just now completed a preliminary analysis of TAGG and have now posted this as a new entry in my web log. It might be of interest to determine the identity of the shareholders of Glob Media Corporation. It appears to be a pure pump-and-dump SCAM. Like JAMN, it has lots of liabilities, very little assets, dubious intellectual property, and a website that has no identifiable substance and a CEO that has obtained a capital gain in excess of $3,140,000 in about five (5) months as a result of this SCAM. I am wondering if “John Bell” is disappointed that he was not involved with TAGG; or perhaps he was. And who is behind this AwsomePennyStocks anyway?

        I wonder if I will get shot at soon.

        I hope that this helps.

        Nathan A. Busch

  4. I wonder if the markets being closed for two days or more is going to mess with the TFER/TAGG pump and dump. For JB it sorta gives him an out if TFER falls flat, as it appears to be doing. He can blame it on Sandy.

    The winds — they can be fickle!

    • Dan:

      The TFER pump-and-dump SCAM might very well be the shortest and least profitable for the promoter scam that I have yet seen. Today, the price stands at 60¢ per share. It seems that not even enough shares have been traded over the past week to allow the insiders and the promoter to sell the shares that they might have had in hand.

      Perhaps the potential victims are learning how to use Google.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • I am sure others have been given notice that JB is releasing another pick b4 XMAS. Since TFER fell flat, that comes as no surprise. Just curious how far behind the curve I am on this pick? My notice came today. Who has received it earlier and when?

        Anyone willing to ask John what happened to the 5x profits PROMISED for TFER? Of course, he OWES us what he is calling his XMAS gift, after what happened (or didn’t happen) with TFER. What a laugh! He has some brass even showing himself so soon after this debacle.

      • Dan and my audience:

        Well stated!

        I just received his notice of a christmas gift this morning.

        Perhaps Web Logs such as this are having a negative effect on his business. That is entirely a good thing.

        Nathan A. Busch

  5. JB’s latest teaser implicates the stock is selling something integral to the electric car industry. He also says it is another 5X winner. Like TFER was? Let’s hope not for John’s followers.

    Yes, everyone is well aware how the electric car industry is just booming. People will be swarming to purchase this stock pick like a Black Firday special.

    Is it me or has Mr. Bell entered the desperation zone?

    Comments? Anyone get this latest teaser?

    • Dan and my audience:

      I received the latest missive from “John Bell” as you indicated that you had.

      Here is the long and short of it: “John Bell” is a SCAM artist. The difference between these penny-stock SCAM artist of today and those of 20 years ago is that now we have the Internet and a vast social network. This difference allows those that would, in years past, have been potential victims to obtain the opinion of those that track and expose these criminals. It is upon these opinions that the victims can decide whether to risk their money on “get-quick-schemes”.

      Quite frankly, I am starting to find him quite boring. Thus, he should either develop more interesting SCAMS that require a bit more work to expose or become an honest broker of nano-cap companies and make his millions in a fair manner.

      I hope that this helps.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • Release date (for me) is December 7. I didn’t check the calendat, but is that Pearl Harbor Day? If so, the significance has been noted.

      • Dan and my audience:

        In the e-mail that I received, the release date was stated as being 6th December. Nevertheless, your comment is noted and appreciated.

        Tesla motors uses a plethora of bits and pieces to make their automobiles and has contracts with numerous suppliers for those parts. It is, therefore, nearly impossible that a single supplier for a single part will substantially profit simply because Tesla is ramping up production but is losing money in the course of doing so. Our mysterious “John Bell” really needs to go back to the drawing board and design a fraudulent SCAM that will yield him more than a few pennies per scheme. Quite frankly, he is becoming a bit of a bore.

        It is not difficult to identify and implement investment strategies that will give ten-year annualized rates of returns exceeding 25% per year. Several of those strategies require that at least 1/5 to 1/4 of the companies involved being selected from the S&P 100. One need not rely upon our “John Bell” and his “magic stock pick” SCAMS to build a healthy portfolio.

        I hope that this helps.

        Nathan A. Busch

      • After the magic of JAMN, he seems to have become complacent – and his feet have turned to clay. (Daniel 2: 31 – 40) Still, I get a guilty pleasure anticipating what his next pick will be and what words he will use to sell it. Less harmful than watching a train wreck. That’s the best defense I can offer.

        Lurkers: can anyone do better than December 6, 2012 for a release date?

      • Dan and my audience:

        This morning I received yet another announcement from “John Bell” about the 6th December 2012 release of his latest “magic stock pick”. The e-mail contained a link to a YouTube video of a puppet show reiterating, essentially, what his previous e-mail had already stated. Again, he is promising a 500% increase in the return on the SCAM. This guy is becoming increasingly pathetic and boring.

        Nathan A. Busch

  6. First of all,,,,thanks for this very informative blog. I have an email with December 5th, but I believe this is still at least 2nd tier of the scam wave base on the previous picks….

    • Bruce:

      Thank you for your comment and the information.

      Nathan A. Busch

      • As always, I am on the “D” list for being informed about the latest John Bell stock pick. My date is December 7.

        Let us know, Bruce, what the pick is when you receive it, please. If it is anything like TFER was, it will be starting a steady downdard trajectory by then.

      • Dan:

        Thank you for your comment and request. I assume that Bruce would be willing to give us any information that he might receive so that it properly be posted here.

        As always, one would be prudent to exercise a great amount of caution in these penny-stock SCAMS of “John Bell.” If history be our guide, his “magic stock picks” are not genuine investment opportunities; rather, these are only situations in which those not sufficiently nimble will lose a considerable amount of money.

        I hope that this helps.

        Nathan A. Busch

      • The reality is: if you are receiving emails from JB touting his picks, then you are not one of the select group of insiders. If the current pick is to be successful, then most likely John and his cohort are already making money from it and are hoping to make more as this last week of the stock push continues.

        My two cents.

      • Dan:

        Your comment regarding “John Bell” and his insiders already making money is thought provoking and, most probably, true.

        We have some history upon which we may rely to analyse the proposition. In the case of Jammin Java, I called the penny-stock SCAM before the market opened on 23rd December 2010 at a time when the price of the shares was 17¢ per share. By the end of that day, the price had risen rapidly to close at 50¢ per share and by 12th May 2011 the price rose to peak at $6.35 and closed at $5.42. The price of the shares rapidly collapsed the next day and were trading in the range of 50¢ by the end of July 2011. The price has since eroded to be in the range of 14¢ per share. The point here being that Shane Whittle, who is, most probably, our mysterious “John Bell”, had his advertising campaign in full operation as early as the end of December 2010. To be certain, the insiders were maneuvering before 23rd December 2010 and obtained a three-fold increase in the value of their shares on 23rd December 2010; however, the share price had not risen substantially until after 23rd December. Of course, it might have been that chatter on the Internet caused the price to rise starting on 23rd December 2010 before the advertising campaign had sufficient effect so as to ensnare victims into the penny-stock SCAM. Whilst the insiders most certainly obtained a substantial increase in the value of their holdings in late December 2010, they could not have dumped enough stocks to realize maximum profits until late April 2011. This is because the insiders required a large pool of victims upon which to dump the worthless shares. To build that pool of victims required time to allow the share price to demonstrate a trajectory that would cause the victims to purchase a large amount of the shares. Thus, to obtain the observed trajectory for the share price required an increasing number of victims that would be willing to throw an increasing amount of money at a shrinking number of available shares. The collapse that was observed in May 2011 was apparently due to the massive dump by the insiders.

        Thus, whilst Dan may be correct that the insiders have already started to benefit from this latest SCAM, their maximum gain will only occur if “John Bell” can convince a sufficient number of fools to throw their money at a diminishing number of available shares. It is, of course, the purpose of this Web log to inhibit that response by the fools.

        An interesting observation that should not be overlooked is as follows: as of 3rd December 2012, the three-month average volume of JAMN shares exceeds 75,000. It appears that there remain a number of technical traders, read “nut-jobs”, who believe that there is another drag remaining on that cigar butt.

        Upon further consideration, “John Bell” did recycle TFER.

        I hope that this helps.

      • Dan and my audience:

        0900h, 3rd December 2012: the number of searches and hits on my Web log rose substantially yesterday and are continuing to rise today. I read this as meaning that the latest penny-stock SCAM has already started.

        Nathan A. Busch

      • I am sure it goes without saying – but i will say it anyway – once you or anyone else on the list learns the ticker symbol, it will be fun to know what it is.

        Thank you —

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