Time for Shane Whittle to become Honest

Dave and my audience:

I posted this reply to Dave under John Bell, 2nd March 2012. It seemed to be a shame that it was buried amongst the comment section of a post from that date. Since it is meant to be both a message of caution to anyone even thinking about following the recommendations of “John Bell” and an appeal to Mr. Shane Whittle, I thought it should be given prominence as a post rather than as a reply to a comment. I thank my audience for your patience and understanding.

Our mysterious “John Bell” is becoming somewhat boring. It seems that TFER was such a flop the first time around that he and the insiders at TFER had to try again so that they could dump their shares at a handsome profit. This time around appears to be no better than the first. Perhaps it is time for Mr. Shane Whittle and the other SCAMsters to use their brilliance and considerable skill to make money by honest engagement in the stock market. Since these people have such a deep understanding of reverse mergers, corporate law, securities law, finance law, and deep roots in the community of wealthy individuals, perhaps they would be best served if they were to assist honest companies, with a real and solid financial foundation and a genuine business plan, wanting to go public to do so without the considerable expense of doing an original IPO. If they did so, they could build a solid reputation in the nano-cap and micro-cap investment community. The result would be a considerable amount of coin in their pockets without having to constantly look over their shoulder to see if the SEC man is after them.

So, Shane and “John,” since I strongly suspect that you read this blog, what do you say about working to do good in the world, make an honest and very profitable living, and staying out of federal prison?

I hope this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

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