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FirstTech and LaCie

Posted in Observations during Life on 19, December 2012 by nathanbusch

Originally, I wrote an entry to my Web log regarding my recent experience of purchasing a LaCie Rikki 3.0 drive from FirstTech, which is located in Minneapolis. In the original entry, of which this is a temporary replacement, I exposed my disappointment with the product that FirstTech sold and the manner in which FirstTech addressed the problem. I have since been contacted by representatives of FirstTech and I allowed them to provide their side of the story. Based upon obtaining further information from then, I have decided to temporarily remove the contents of this entry so that I may fashion a clearer explanation of the events and my continuing disappointment with FirstTech.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch



Posted in Observations during Life on 19, December 2012 by nathanbusch

The NRA wants more guns in the hands of lunatics.

The NRA argues that shooters will run away when someone shoots back.

Children died in Connecticut.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance demands more guns in schools.

The GOCRA argues that shooters will run away when someone shoots back.

More children will die.

Nathan A. Busch

Politicians are Stupid!

Posted in Observations during Life on 14, December 2012 by nathanbusch

8th and 9th December 2012

12 Inches of snow: not a snow plow in sight.

After Midnight Sunday, 9th December 2012

Plows worked overnight, but failed to put down any salt to remove the ice.

Temperatures dropped to -1F; roads heavily covered with snow and ice.

Monday, 10th December 2012

Temperatures hover near zero, morning rush hour is a nightmare, no plows and no salt in sight.

Trucks overturned, dozens of rush-hour crashes; no plows and no salt in sight.

Monday Evening, 10th December 2012.

No plows in sight, no salt.

Tuesday, 11th December 2012

Traffic is at a stand still, no plows in sight.

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

Temperatures reach 40F, the snow on the roads melts.

Wednesday Evening, 12th December 2012

Main roads are devoid of ice and snow; out come the snow plows scraping bone-dry pavement and applying a heavy dose of salt.

Five snow plows travel along 394 towards downtown Minneapolis, all in single file.

Thursday, 13th December 2012

Main roads and most of the secondary roads are bone dry; snow plows are out scraping bone-dry pavement and applying a thick layer of salt.

You and I can see the problem here; but our stupid politicians cannot.

Yes, my friend, this is your government at work.

Nathan A. Busch

How to make a small fortune.

Posted in Observations during Life on 8, December 2012 by nathanbusch

How does one make a small fortune?

Take a large fortune to a financial planner at U.S. Bank.

Nathan A. Busch

Christina and “John Bell”

Posted in Internet Frauds and SCAMS on 8, December 2012 by nathanbusch


It pains me to hear about people, like yourself, who lost a lot of money chasing these “John Bell” penny-stock SCAMS. I take it as a given fact that whenever any promoter gets involved with a penny-stock company it is a pump-and-dump scam. Since I first called Jammin Java a penny-stock SCAM on 23rd December 2010, I have been following this “John Bell” character, who I am convinced is actually Shane Whittle, and his techniques. I do my best to warn people to stay away from these situations. However, the lure of a 2-fold, 5-fold, or 10-fold profit is powerful even for old hands such as myself and my friend Dan. If I were in your shoes, I would simply take the loss on all the penny stocks that you purchased and learn from the lesson that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

One does not need to follow the advice of SCAM artists such as “John Bell”. It is possible to obtain handsome returns in the market if one is patient, willing to spend the time to learn how to spot genuine bargains, and be prudent in investing. For instance, on 31st July 2012, I created a small portfolio with equal amounts dedicated to the following companies: PFIN, CRAI, GAI, MPAC, and REGI; each was purchased at, or close to, the closing price on that date. On 1st October 2012, I purchased an equal amount of DCIX and added it to the portfolio. The following table tells the rest of the story.

Table 1: The design of a real-money portfolio producing a modest rate of return.
Symbol   Quantity Price Total Cost Price Today Market Value Gain
PFIN   189 5.27 1,006.02 6.0516 1,143.75 13.69%
CRAI   65 15.49 1,016.84 18.27 1,187.55 16.79%
GAI   222 4.50 1,008.99 6.64 1,474.08 46.09%
MPAC   228 4.38 1,008.63 6.80 1,550.40 53.71%
REGI   202 4.95 1,009.89 6.15 1,242.30 23.01%
DCIX   176 5.61 997.35 5.67 997.92 0.06%
Total       $6,047.72   $7,596.00 25.60%

This is not some list that I made after the fact by careful selection of winning companies. This is a real-money portfolio built using a particular type of investment strategy and the shares were purchased on the day that the method identified the shares. You may check the numbers for yourself: the total yield of the portfolio as at the close of the markets on 7th December 2012 was 25.6%. Let us see if “John Bell” can come anywhere near that over the course of time.

The transaction costs were $9.99 per company purchased.

Of course, one will experience gut-wrenching volatility with these types of portfolios. This portfolio was created inside of a ROTH IRA for the following reasons: (1) there is no required minimum distribution so there is no chance of being required to liquidate part of the portfolio at an inconvenient time; (2) the investment strategy will have an opportunity to smooth out the volatility over time; (3) all capital gains and dividends accrue free of taxes; (4) after five years, distributions can be made from the IRA free of both state and federal taxes.

I have now designed an investment strategy that provides an average annualized yield in excess of 33.5%. This strategy has been backtested over 14 years of stock market data. This particular strategy will be launched within the week in my ROTH IRA.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Bumper Sticker:

Posted in Observations during Life on 8, December 2012 by nathanbusch

I recently saw a car with the following bumper sticker: Impeach Obama — This is a Christian Nation.

After thinking for a few seconds, I decided that a the statement contained a plethora of logical fallacies. While an entire dissertation would be required to identify all of the fallacies and provide a reasonable correction, I shall mention only a few.

It is not through error or an effort to gain efficiency that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution contains five specific rights. Also, it is not by mistake that these five rights are to be found in the First Amendment. The Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which is found in the First Amendment, specifically prohibits the government from making the United States a theocracy, including a “Christian Nation”. The drafters of the Establishment Clause sought to prevent the creation of a tyranny that would result by allowing any religious ideology to take control of the government. That is, this country was designed to allow and encourage tolerance and inclusion of all religions, without limitation, in the commonweal. By doing so, the founders sought to promote and preserve the four other rights found in the First Amendment. If this country were a theocracy, then the rights found in the Bill of Rights would not exist and, most likely, the Constitution would never have been written.

By supporting the position that this nation is a “Christian Nation”, the owner of the automobile is making a clear statement that this country should quash all other religions as inferior to christianity. This person is, in effect, supporting the position that persons that follow a belief system that is not “christian” are subhuman and do not deserve either tolerance or countenance in this country. Such a position arises out of hatred of those who do not follow the doctrines of the christian religion. That position shocks the conscience and should and must cause all to rise against such hatred.

Further, which denomination of christianity is it that this purported “Christian Country” must follow.

The statement made on the bumper sticker also advances the long-standing lie that President Obama is not a christian. That is quite strange in view of the republican argument that, then, Mr. Obama follows the teachings of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who is a christian. Of course, who ever said that the republican radicals required logical consistency.

Is the owner of the automobile to argue that Obama should be impeached because he is not a christian? If he was Jewish should he not only be impeached but sent to the gas chambers as well. Or perhaps this “christian” wants him to be sent to the torture chambers to be tortured and then burnt at the stake as was done in the Spanish Inquisition. Or perhaps this person wants him to be infected with syphilis and gonorrhea as the first “christian” settlers to this country did to the native Indians. If he was a Muslim, should we raise massive armies and conduct a crusade against Washington to murder him after he is impeached? Maybe this person wants him to be lynched as the “christians” in the KKK did in the south.

Maybe this person hates President Obama because he is an African American and an African American has no right to be in the White House.

Maybe …

Nathan A. Busch

The Latest “John Bell” SCAM is a FLOP

Posted in Internet Frauds and SCAMS on 7, December 2012 by nathanbusch

NGRC: 4th December 2012; the closing price is 92¢ per share.

“John Bell”: 5th December 2012; issues his importunate, hyperventilating rhapsodic missive about NGRC.

NGRC: 5th December 2012; the closing price is 71¢ per share.

“John Bell”: 6th December 2012; issues a further aggressive load of rubbish about NGRC.

NGRC: 6th December 2012; the closing price is 59¢ per share.

NGRC: 7th December 2012, 1142h EDT; the price is 35.5¢ per share.

I wonder if “John Bell” is enjoying the conversation with his insiders.

PostScript: “John Bell” should start taking hints from this Web log. Since I called the USGT penny-stock SCAM, it is up from 48.5¢ per share to 65¢ per share.

Nathan A. Busch