“John Bell” and Tesla Motors

On 4th December 2012, I received the following e-mail from our mysterious “John Bell”.


Urgent Reminder: My pick is THIS Thursday!

Tomorrow I’ll send you all of my research about Thursday’s pick.

This research will give you the exact reasons I’m picking this company.

BUT, it won’t give you the company’s name or symbol.

I’ll be releasing the name and symbol on Thursday morning only.

I’m super excited right now.

F**k Christmas. Seriously. This is what gets me excited.

Seeing people turn hundreds into thousands, thousands into tens of thousands!

I’m always brutally honest about the confidence I have in my picks.

Nine months ago I released a pick and told you I wasn’t 100% confident – It still doubled!

With this pick I’m beyond confident.

The product this company produces is used in every Tesla Motors vehicle.

This one is HUGE.

John Bell


When I receive further information, either from “John Bell” or the audience of this Web log, I will update this post. However, as a preliminary matter, I would not consider Tesla Motors to be an outstanding investment opportunity. Given that it has a long-standing habit of losing money, I would not consider any vendor of Tesla Motors to be a particularly good investment opportunity.

Given the history of “John Bell”, the company that he might select may produce items that could be used in electric automobiles produced by Tesla Motors but whether his “magic stock pick” actually provides any parts for the Tesla Motors automobiles is another matter. To reinforce this position, remember that “John Bell” touted Jammin Java because it had “partnered” with Amazon. A simple fact checking operation indicated that Jammin Java had only advertised coffee on the Amazon website and only five, yes 5, pounds of coffee were available. To say that “John Bell” stretches the truth about the connections between his “magic stock picks” and actually functioning companies is, well, generous.

Further information will be posted here as it becomes available.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

One Response to ““John Bell” and Tesla Motors”

  1. Observing Says:


    I received the same email about F Christmas, but I received it on 12/3 and got the research today, 12/4 about his graphite stock pick which will be named tomorrow, 12/5.

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