Bumper Sticker:

I recently saw a car with the following bumper sticker: Impeach Obama — This is a Christian Nation.

After thinking for a few seconds, I decided that a the statement contained a plethora of logical fallacies. While an entire dissertation would be required to identify all of the fallacies and provide a reasonable correction, I shall mention only a few.

It is not through error or an effort to gain efficiency that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution contains five specific rights. Also, it is not by mistake that these five rights are to be found in the First Amendment. The Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which is found in the First Amendment, specifically prohibits the government from making the United States a theocracy, including a “Christian Nation”. The drafters of the Establishment Clause sought to prevent the creation of a tyranny that would result by allowing any religious ideology to take control of the government. That is, this country was designed to allow and encourage tolerance and inclusion of all religions, without limitation, in the commonweal. By doing so, the founders sought to promote and preserve the four other rights found in the First Amendment. If this country were a theocracy, then the rights found in the Bill of Rights would not exist and, most likely, the Constitution would never have been written.

By supporting the position that this nation is a “Christian Nation”, the owner of the automobile is making a clear statement that this country should quash all other religions as inferior to christianity. This person is, in effect, supporting the position that persons that follow a belief system that is not “christian” are subhuman and do not deserve either tolerance or countenance in this country. Such a position arises out of hatred of those who do not follow the doctrines of the christian religion. That position shocks the conscience and should and must cause all to rise against such hatred.

Further, which denomination of christianity is it that this purported “Christian Country” must follow.

The statement made on the bumper sticker also advances the long-standing lie that President Obama is not a christian. That is quite strange in view of the republican argument that, then, Mr. Obama follows the teachings of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who is a christian. Of course, who ever said that the republican radicals required logical consistency.

Is the owner of the automobile to argue that Obama should be impeached because he is not a christian? If he was Jewish should he not only be impeached but sent to the gas chambers as well. Or perhaps this “christian” wants him to be sent to the torture chambers to be tortured and then burnt at the stake as was done in the Spanish Inquisition. Or perhaps this person wants him to be infected with syphilis and gonorrhea as the first “christian” settlers to this country did to the native Indians. If he was a Muslim, should we raise massive armies and conduct a crusade against Washington to murder him after he is impeached? Maybe this person wants him to be lynched as the “christians” in the KKK did in the south.

Maybe this person hates President Obama because he is an African American and an African American has no right to be in the White House.

Maybe …

Nathan A. Busch


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