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Our John Bell has Returned, 7th August 2013

Posted in Internet Frauds and SCAMS on 8, August 2013 by nathanbusch


It has been some time since I have had any reason to write about our mysterious “John Bell”. In fact, the last time that he had anything marginally interesting to say was at about the time that I broke my left leg. Nevertheless, today at 1501h, 7th August 2013, I received the following missive from him:

Hello Everyone,

I have a very time sensitive pick that I may be releasing very soon.

Perhaps as soon as tomorrow morning.

I just stumbled upon this pick, I’m still doing my research but I’m very, very excited.

This is a NASDAQ pick that I believe could be a massive win for my subscribers.

Keep checking your emails and I’ll keep you updated.

John Bell



The last couple of times that he has issued “magic stock picks”, a tiny handful of people might have made some pennies; however, a lot of suckers lost a bunch. He has since turned rather pathetic in his messages and, at one time, even was touting AAPL. Sad to see such a great SCAMSTER fall back to earth.

As his latest SCAM develops, I shall give my analysis and commentary with the goal of preventing at least a few people from losing their life savings on his “magic stock picks”.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch