Our John Bell has Returned, 7th August 2013


It has been some time since I have had any reason to write about our mysterious “John Bell”. In fact, the last time that he had anything marginally interesting to say was at about the time that I broke my left leg. Nevertheless, today at 1501h, 7th August 2013, I received the following missive from him:

Hello Everyone,

I have a very time sensitive pick that I may be releasing very soon.

Perhaps as soon as tomorrow morning.

I just stumbled upon this pick, I’m still doing my research but I’m very, very excited.

This is a NASDAQ pick that I believe could be a massive win for my subscribers.

Keep checking your emails and I’ll keep you updated.

John Bell



The last couple of times that he has issued “magic stock picks”, a tiny handful of people might have made some pennies; however, a lot of suckers lost a bunch. He has since turned rather pathetic in his messages and, at one time, even was touting AAPL. Sad to see such a great SCAMSTER fall back to earth.

As his latest SCAM develops, I shall give my analysis and commentary with the goal of preventing at least a few people from losing their life savings on his “magic stock picks”.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

4 Responses to “Our John Bell has Returned, 7th August 2013”

  1. Curious if any others received JB’s email. Anyone get it before August 7? He staggers his alerts across a period of a week or more. I guess we stay tuned for more from Mr. Bell.

  2. Nothing like commenting on your own reply — the pick is out as of this afternoon: SPEX. Any comments from those who are stock market savvy? The stock was down 3.03 today from yesterday’s close of 15.88. That’s not too impressive!

  3. Hey Busch: how’s that 2011 call on Jamn Java Corp? The company’s Marley Coffee is all over Kroger shelves and I’m seeing people on social media randomly posting about the product. Scam…. my [censored as Mr. JoJo has not learned to write without vulgarities]!

    • Sir:

      Thank you for your comment on Jamn Java Corporation. Apparently, you have not yet realised that considerable respect and meaningful input is required of those commenting on this blog. As a preliminary matter, we address each other as Mr. Busch, or Mr. Nathan Busch. Phrases like “Hey Busch” are meant for the gutter and will not be tolerated further on this blog. Also, vulgarities are not tolerated.

      As to JAMN in 2011. My call was spot on. Once the mysterious “John Bell” launched his pump-and-dump scam, the price of the shares went from about 10¢ to over $3.30 per share and then crashed just as rapidly as it rose. My call was based upon careful examination of the filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as a detailed analysis of the financials. If you think I was wrong, then consider that the Securities Commission of Canada contacted me for information about both “John Bell” and the other owners of Jamn Java Corporation. If there were no “fire” under that smoke, then why was the entire blogsphere relating to securities scams lit up over “John Bell” and Jamn Java?

      A simple examination of the financials of the company still indicate that this was a scam, and still is a company not worth the investment of a halfpenny. Operating Income/Loss: Jan 31 2011, -151,000; Jan 31, 2012 -2,466,000; Jan 31, 2013, -4,018,000.

      I never claimed that Marley Coffee did not exist. In fact, if you look back to the contemporaneous postings, you will find that I acknowledged that a product called “Marley Coffee” was on the market. However, I did claim that the promotion of the stocks of Jamn Java Corporation by “John Bell” constituted a fraud.

      Just to keep you and my audience informed, Jamn Java stocks are not worth the paper upon which these might be printed.

      I hope that this helps.

      Nathan A. Busch

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