Obama, 7th March 2017

Mr. Obama:

Mr. Putin now controls the entirety of Europe because he can cut off their natural gas at the drop of a hat. What do you do: refuse to help Europe engage the coal-to-natural gas technology that has been in existence since 1935.

Mr. Putin invades the Ukraine and you send week-kneed “I-was-for-it-before-I-was-against-it” John Kerry. Putin is still in Crimea and has convinced 41% of that area to force the other 59% to be annexed by Russia.

Mr. Obama, Putin is laughing at you.

Congress is laughing at you and all you can do is make some weak announcements that you will implement a few trivial ideas without the help of Congress.

We need a president with some titanium testicles!

Nathan A. Busch


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