Loving a Married Person

My close friend sought my counsel.

For more years than he care to remember, he has been estranged from his wife.

He fell in love with a beautiful, young woman; and she with him.

The education of the younger was solid and catholic. The younger was taught that taking a married man was a sin. The soul of the younger fought with her own heart.

The wife was showing the heartache of age: forgetting here, needing more support there; uncertain of the simplest of things.

My close friend and his wife talked: she saw the situation; she wanted him to take happiness whilst he could; he wanted to remain her anchor, friend, and security. Nothing in reality would change: only that he would be free to take another.

He wanted me to keep it simple: he wanted me to leave all as it was; he wanted me to allow him his freedom.

Probed I: “are you doing this for the younger”? No, said he: he is doing it so that he may if he ever desires.

Probed I: “what about the younger”? Said he: the choice is hers.

Said I: I will handle the paperwork; but, but nothing in reality will change.

I know, said he, I know.

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