I Will Keep my Judicial Campaign Clean

I am committed to the ideal that campaigns must be a discussion about the merits of two, or more, candidates for a public office. If one of the candidates for that office takes the tactic of getting down in the mud and slinging that mud at the other candidate, then that candidate has demonstrated that he or she is unfit for the office sought. If a candidate needs to sling mud in order to be voted into an office, then it is to be expected that that candidate will do nothing more than sling mud once in office.

I believe that the general public expects their judges to conform to a standard much higher than that of holders of other public offices. It is for that reason, as well as my own guiding principles, that I have run a squeaky clean campaign for Judge in the Fifth Judicial District. My goals in this campaign are as follows: (1) to educate the public about how the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Minnesota Legislature have taken away the right of the public to choose who are the judges in this State; (2) to educate the public about how the judicial elections have been manipulated to strongly discourage competition and a free and fair election for the bench; (3) to inform the public about my qualifications to be a judge in the Fifth Judicial District; and, (4) to put out to the public my judicial philosophy so that the public knows how I will view cases that come before me.

My past writings, both on this Weblog and elsewhere, demonstrate my deep understanding of the law, my perspective on the role of the judiciary in both our government and the broader society, and my judicial philosophy. My campaign has been, and will remain, only positive because I am confident that the general voting public has the intellect to evaluate a person on his or her merits. That is the sole reason for my writings, my Weblog, my campaign materials, and my advertisements.

I call on all candidates to likewise show respect for the voting public.

Nathan A. Busch

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