I am Running for Judge in the Fifth Judicial District Because …

Several things that I would like to bring forth.

First, I am an average Joe attorney working hard for my clients in Southwest Minnesota. I have given more than 2500 hours of free service, which is called pro bono, to indigent clients over the course of the last 12 years that I have been in private practice. I make my living protecting the rights of my clients when those rights have been infringed by other people. I advocate for justice to those who have been injured or wronged. I have represented both democrat and republican clients without regard to their political ideology. I give generously of my time and talents to my community: including chastising the City Council of Windom for not providing proper facilities to the volunteer fire department; and, when the City Council unfairly sanctioned the Chief of the Fire Department. It has always been my goal to work behind the scenes to help people rather than to seek self-aggrandizement.

Second, I am running for Judge in the Fifth Judicial District because I believe that I can do more good in society, at this point in my life, by being a judge than I can by being an attorney. My life experience has allowed me to be in, and therefore, understand the position of many of the people who will appear before me. I have a broad and deep knowledge of, and experience working in, the law which I will bring to the bench. I seek neither power nor attention: rather, I seek only to advance the cause of justice and to protect and respect the constitutional rights of all people.

Third, I have seen the inside of the judicial appointment process as it currently exists in the State of Minnesota. It cannot be questioned that judges “shall be elected by the voters from the area in which they are to serve.” I contend that the current appointment process, which involves an examination of the political ideology of the candidate for appointment, violates the clear mandate of the Minnesota Constitution. Sure, one might argue, judges are listed on the ballot. But how fair of an election can it be when every sitting judge on the ballot has the word “Incumbent” beside his or her name? The use of that word is unique to the judicial election part of the ballot. The word “Incumbent” implies that the sitting judge was “elected” by the voters, even though very few sitting judges were actually chosen to be on the bench by the voters. By no stretch of the imagination can an interim judge, who was appointed by the Governor, be an “Incumbent” judge. By using the word “Incumbent,” the State of Minnesota has erected a very high and steep barrier to any potential challenger. For these reasons and others, the State of Minnesota has created an election process, which is euphemistically called a “retention election”, that, except in very rare cases, has only the name of the sitting judge on the ballot. Such an election is nowhere near a fair election.

I have run a squeaky clean campaign, the three goals of which are: (1) to educate the voters that the State of Minnesota has restricted their right to choose their judge; (2) to educate the voters that they do have the right to vote for judges; and, (3) to provide the voters of the Fifth Judicial District with a viable candidate for Seat 5 who has demonstrated competence in and knowledge of the law and who has a deep and broad life experience. I am self-funding my campaign because I want to utilize my time making my case to the voters rather than filling out paperwork for the State of Minnesota. I have no Political Action Committee supporting my campaign. I have no contributors to my campaign. I have not been endorsed by any party or entity.

I am just a simple guy trying to make a difference in this world.

My campaign is about the voters putting a qualified judge on the bench. If you, the voter, care about your rights and the rights of the residents of Southwest Minnesota, you should assist my candidacy by voting for Nathan Busch.

Nathan A. Busch

One Response to “I am Running for Judge in the Fifth Judicial District Because …”

  1. Greetings,

    Just a quick note to say that Veronica and I added two more votes toward your hopeful victory as Judge in the 5th. The polls just closed about 1 hour and 49 minutes ago…

    Good luck Nathan…

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