The Judiciary

The Judiciary was the only bastion we had against the Tyranny of Government.

Our greatest judges understood that they did not create the law: rather, they understood that their only purpose for being was to interpret the language of the law and apply that interpretation to the facts before them. These judges were humble, intelligent, and saw themselves as the servants of the people. They did not believe themselves to be above the law; they did not see themselves as the authority above others. They understood that their duty, above all else, was to protect the sanctity of the law.

To guarantee our individual liberty and freedom is the only purpose of the law and of our government. The unchecked power to make up the law, to make up the facts, and to rule so as to get the outcome that they desire has corrupted many of those in the Judiciary. Our system has been manipulated so as to keep the corrupted in power, even though power is not the purpose of the Judiciary.

Our Country has changed. Now, the Judiciary has become the Tyrant.

Nathan A. Busch

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