Convict Health Insurance

Convicted felons are receiving cadillac health insurance and the tax payers of Minnesota are footing 100% of the bill!

These include the following: drug dealers, child molesters, those engaged in beastiality, murders, prostitutes, thieves, etc. The State of Minnesota has mandated that each person leaving prison, whether on parole or not, are entitled to state-funded health insurance that has no deductibles or co-pays. A convicted felon has a mild head-ache: cadillac work-up including CAT scans, MRI, spinal diagnositic studies, radiofrequency ablation every six months or so, etc. We are paying 100% of the bill. A convicted felon is a little bit sad: cadillac work-up with a psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.; and medications that run thousands of dollars per month. We are paying 100% of the bill.

Did I mention, that the convicted felons have a strong disincentive to get a paying job: they are afraid that they might lose their cadillac health care insurance.

Something is very wrong in the State of Minnesota.

I hope that this helps.
Nathan A. Busch


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