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Propagation of Lies

Posted in Life in the Country on 8, June 2016 by nathanbusch

This story came to me second hand, but it deserves exposure.

Apparently, when the son of Judy C. was thirteen years he did something inappropriate in front of a female friend.

Judy C. claims that she came to my office for legal assistance and that I informed her of the following: “not to worry because he is a juvenile and his offense will not show up on his record when he becomes an adult.”

Judy C. claims that I was negligent in my representation of her son because is a registered sex offender and his life is miserable.

So here is the problem: her son is now 27. Twenty seven minus thirteen is fourteen. I have never met this Judy C. person, I have never met her son, and I do not handle criminal cases. Wait a minute, said the intermediary: you had an office in the area fourteen years ago and you could have represented the son then. No: I did not move to the area until September 2007. June 2016 minus September 2007 is 8 years and 9 months, which is no where near 14 years ago. Another problem with the lie: I did not even have my law license fourteen years ago; I obtained my law license in October 2002.

Yet, the lies are propagated.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch