Attention President Bannon

President Bannon:

When you took control of the White House, you took moves to erect a “Wall” along the entire border between the United States and Mexico: ostensibly because you believe that all undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Latin America are drug kings, murders, thieves, liars, and felonious criminals.  So, you claim, building a $10,000,000,000 wall between Mexico and the United States will solve the problem by keeping the economic refugees in their home countries.  Let us look at this a bit closer.

On Monday, 7th November 2016 the Mexican Peso stood at 18.5544 to the United States Dollar.  As at the time of writing of this post, which is 0955h, 7th February 2017, the Mexican Peso stood at 20.662 to the United States Dollar.  Just in case your arithmetic is as poor as your judgment and veracity, that means in the three short months since “The Donald” “won”, and I use that word very loosely, the election the Mexican Peso weakened 11.359% as against the United States Dollar.  That means that any exports that the United States has to Mexico have risen, in Mexico, in price by 11.359%.  That is enough inflation to choke a mustang in Mexico just to buy American goods and services.  Also, that price will be reflected through all goods and services produced and sold in Mexico because any services and goods exported from the United States into Mexico are certainly integrated into any and all goods and services produced and sold in Mexico.

Then you came up with the coup de gras of “forcing Mexico to pay for the wall by imposing a 20% tax on imports from Mexico”.  I will grant that you are extraordinarily skilled in bloviating your NAZI hatred for all things not White Anglo Saxon Protestant, until all things White Anglo Saxon Protestant become the target of your hatred: however, you have demonstrated a galactic amount of incompetence when it comes to anything related to international trade.  Your 20% tariff will not be paid by any Mexicans and will not be paid by the Mexican Government: it will be paid by the American customers of the very Mexican goods and services upon which you intend to impose the tariff.  Oh, just a thought, you might want to reconsider your position because all of that fancy food that you are now eating in the White House with “The Donald”, most likely, comes from Mexico.

Well, if the economic conditions, as these stood in the Latin American countries, were severe enough before “The Donald” “won” the election so as to cause a large migration of economic refugees seeking a better life in the United States, your inept, hate-filled actions will cause even worse economic conditions and an even larger migration of economic refugees to the United States.  Maybe you have already thought up a solution to that problem: just have the NRA stand at the borders of the United States and target practice on the men, women, and children seeking to enter the United States as economic immigrants.  Of course, you would just be taking another page right out of “Mein Kampf” with reference to the Jews, Roma, homosexuals, mentally handicapped, and everyone else not of the “Superior Race”.

In short, your incomprehensible tariff and your equally incomprehensible “Wall” will actually economically injure the 61 MM white, uneducated, American males that were deceived enough to have actually voted for “The Donald”.

For the sake of the Union, I hope that this helps you to change your world views.

Nathan A. Busch

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