Mitch McConnell and President Bannon

During the presidential campaign, Senators Mitch McConnel and McCain distanced themselves from the campaign of “The Donald”.  Now, McConnel has thrown the citizens of the United States under the bus for the sake of his position in the Senate and has now kissed the ass of President Bannon to preserve his feeble hold on power.  He has even gone so far as to say:

The country doesn’t need saving.

What!??!  President Bannon is intentionally causing internecine war amongst the various groups of citizens of the United States to impose his own NAZI religion and McConnel sees no need to intervene to save the country?  The excuse given by McConnel is that:

I think there is a high level of satisfaction with the new administration. * * * Our members [republican sycophants] are not obsessed with the daily tweets, but are looking at the results.  * * * No matter what sort of theatrics that go on around the administration, if you look at the decisions that are being made, they are solid — right-of-center things that we would have hoped a new Republican president would have done.

First, McConnel, President Bannon is not a “Republican”, rather he is a neo-NAZI isolationist manipulator who is Hell bent on destroying this country and the richness that has arisen out of the trials and tribulations faced by previous generations.  Those generations dream was to leave the country a place better than it was when they were born.  Until President Bannon, that dream was alive and well.  Now, President Bannon is implementing his hate-filled goal of destroying all that previous generations have built.

Mitch McConnel: you have the duty to defend the people and Constitution of this country.  Pull you head out of your ass and do your job!

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch


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