$1 Trillion Infrastructure Con Job

The labor union bosses are all giddy and cuddling up to “The Donald” over his promise to start a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Project.  Of course, the labor unions actually believe that “The Donald” will convince Congress to give him $1 Trillion for his latest con job.  Yes, you 61 MM uneducated, white, male voters and yes, you union bosses, you have been conned by “The Donald”.

Remember his oft repeated campaign promise to eliminate the Affordable Care Act during his first day in office?  He has now equivocated that the law will take years to “repair”.  Yes, you were conned.  Now, you actually believe that he has, or had, any intention of pushing Congress for a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Program?  You actually believe that one single red cent of any money that he manages to squeeze out of Congress will ever reach the pockets of your union members.

Yup! You got it!  That money will go straight into the Swiss Bank Accounts of the billionaires who have kissed up to “The Donald” since the election.

Even if “The Donald” squeezes any money for infrastructure out of Congress, you will pay through the nose to use any infrastructure that manages to actually get built.  Oh, by the way, that infrastructure will not belong to the public.  Pull your heads out of your collective ass.  The plan of “The Donald” to rip off the public is as follows.  Consider a $3 Billion infrastructure project: local government must issue $800 MM in bonds, the principle and interest of which will be paid by the tax payers; federal loans and tax credits, both of which will be paid for by tax payers, for private investors will make up another $2.11 Billion; the private investors will put up $90 MM.  Trick is, the private investors will out-right own a $3 Billion infrastructure project, which used to belong to the public and which will paid for by tax payers, and they get to charge the public, who actually paid for the infrastructure project, anything they want to use it for as long as the infrastructure exists.  Ok, say the investors require that the project yield 15% per year after costs and taxes.  That means that they will collect a “toll” in the amount of roughly 22.3% per year.  Doing some simple arithmetic, we find that the investors will charge the public a “toll” of approximately $671.64 MM per year to use the infrastructure that the public is already paying for.  Their 15% cut amounts to $450,000,000 per year.  What?!?!  The investors put up only $90,000,000 of their own money and net $450,000,000 per year on a project that the tax payers are paying for.

Yup! You got “Donalded”

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch


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