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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Harlan Glenn Says:

    Prior to me casting my vote tomorrow I must have some clarity on your involvement in the Wade Ysker case. On the surface I must confess it appears a bit questionable or in the view of some, shady. Please explain. Thank you!

    • Mr. Glenn:

      Since you were not specific as to which part of the Wade Ysker case you are making reference, it is difficult to give you a concise answer. I shall attempt to be quite concise whilst awaiting more specific questions.

      As a preliminary matter, the entire case file is publicly available from the Court Administration at the District Court for the County of Jackson. Also, in this election, you have a choice between a political appointee and a candidate who is running based upon experience, qualifications, and competence in the law. Further, I will apply the law as written to the facts as presented. The choice is yours.

      Mr. Wade Ysker came to me in the summer of 2011 with some concerns about a land transaction in which he was involved with his uncle. At the closing, Mr. Ysker gave his uncle the full purchase price for two parcels of real property. However, his uncle refused to give him a warranty deed to a second parcel of real property that Mr. Ysker thought he had purchased. I worked on the case for more than 16 months and was successful in getting him what he wanted.

      The bill for my services was considerable and Mr. Ysker was informed of the the amount of the bill throughout the 16 months that I represented him. He and I came to an agreement by which Mr. Ysker would pay the bill over the course of several years. About two months after I finished his case, Mr. Ysker came to me and stated that he was not going to pay my bill.

      Under Minnesota Statute 481.13, subd 1, I brought a summary proceeding in front of Judge Titus in the District Court for the County of Jackson. Judge Titus established an attorney lien against one parcel but refused to establish an attorney lien against the second parcel. Judge Titus also entered a judgment in the amount due and owing.

      My law firm brought an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals regarding the refusal of Judge Titus to establish the attorney lien against the second parcel. Again, this information is publicly available. The Court of Appeals reversed Judge Titus and ordered the District Court to establish an attorney lien against the second parcel. Judge Peterson, who is standing in for Judge Walker in Martin County, did exactly that.

      Under Minnesota Statute 481.13, subd. 3, my law firm brought an action in the District Court for the County of Jackson to enforce the attorney lien against both parcels. That case is now being heard by Judge Richards in Faribault County. Also, my law firm has brought an action against Mr. Ysker in his own person for the amount due and owing. Again, this information is all publicly available.

      Two different judges and a three-member panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals have stated that my law firm is owed the amount claimed. Mr. Ysker has refused to pay or to negotiate a resolution. How any of this can be called “questionable” or “shady” is beyond comprehension.

      I hope that this helps.

      Nathan A. Busch

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