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Murdered in Cold Blood: Philando Castile and Justine Ruszczyk

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Philando Castile was sitting in his automobile with his significant other and a young child.  He had his hands on the steering wheel.  A murderous police thug opened up with his pistol and pumped seven lethal bullets into the body of Mr. Castile.  Did that murderous thug not understand that one of those bullets could have killed the innocent significant other or the child?  No, the police thugs are trained to murder, then ask questions.

Justine Ruszczyk called 911 for help.  Another murderous Minneapolis police thug opened up with his pistol and murdered innocent Ms. Ruszczyk while she was pleading for help.

The law enforcement thugs are not the “good guys” that they pretend to be.  They are trained to murder innocent people whenever their trigger finger gets itchy.  The only discernible difference between street gang thugs and murderous police thugs is the color of their clothing.

Either stand up for your right to be free from the fear of becoming murdered by the murderous police thugs or visit he undertaker to buy your casket now.  You will soon need it.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch


President Bannon and Flynn

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Delusional Flynn conspired with the Russians, who are our sworn enemy, and then lied about it to Pence.  Pence fired Flynn.  Then the loony Repub Nazi Press claims that the “shadow government of Obama” was controlling the entire fiasco.

Now, President Bannon has taken moves to eviscerate the United States Intelligence community because it happened to wiretap the Delusional Flynn giving the Russian Ambassador state secrets.  That is: Delusional Flynn committed high treason; the United States Intelligence community informed President Bannon at the end of January of the high treason; President Bannon retained Delusional Flynn and the Delusional Flynn remained in control of ultra-top secret information of the United States Government; Pence acted to remove the Delusional Flynn; now the Repub Nazi Press claims that Obama was controlling the United States Intelligence community in a plot to undermine the Dysfunctional President Bannon.

Alice in Wonderland: where are you?  We need the sanity of your reality which is certainly more real than the La La Land reality espoused by the Repub Nazi Press and President Bannon.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

President Bannon has Committed High Treason

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Intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the United States have hard evidence that members of the inner circle of President Bannon were in direct contact with Russian Intelligence Agencies prior to the election.  General Flynn was communicating with highly placed Russian Agents regarding sanctions, and who knows what else.  President Bannon has an on-going love affair with Satan Putin.

There is a word for what President Bannon has done, and is doing: High Treason.

President Bannon must be impeached and imprisoned for the remainder of his life for his acts of High Treason.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

$1 Trillion Infrastructure Con Job

Posted in Exposing Corruption on 10, February 2017 by nathanbusch

The labor union bosses are all giddy and cuddling up to “The Donald” over his promise to start a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Project.  Of course, the labor unions actually believe that “The Donald” will convince Congress to give him $1 Trillion for his latest con job.  Yes, you 61 MM uneducated, white, male voters and yes, you union bosses, you have been conned by “The Donald”.

Remember his oft repeated campaign promise to eliminate the Affordable Care Act during his first day in office?  He has now equivocated that the law will take years to “repair”.  Yes, you were conned.  Now, you actually believe that he has, or had, any intention of pushing Congress for a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Program?  You actually believe that one single red cent of any money that he manages to squeeze out of Congress will ever reach the pockets of your union members.

Yup! You got it!  That money will go straight into the Swiss Bank Accounts of the billionaires who have kissed up to “The Donald” since the election.

Even if “The Donald” squeezes any money for infrastructure out of Congress, you will pay through the nose to use any infrastructure that manages to actually get built.  Oh, by the way, that infrastructure will not belong to the public.  Pull your heads out of your collective ass.  The plan of “The Donald” to rip off the public is as follows.  Consider a $3 Billion infrastructure project: local government must issue $800 MM in bonds, the principle and interest of which will be paid by the tax payers; federal loans and tax credits, both of which will be paid for by tax payers, for private investors will make up another $2.11 Billion; the private investors will put up $90 MM.  Trick is, the private investors will out-right own a $3 Billion infrastructure project, which used to belong to the public and which will paid for by tax payers, and they get to charge the public, who actually paid for the infrastructure project, anything they want to use it for as long as the infrastructure exists.  Ok, say the investors require that the project yield 15% per year after costs and taxes.  That means that they will collect a “toll” in the amount of roughly 22.3% per year.  Doing some simple arithmetic, we find that the investors will charge the public a “toll” of approximately $671.64 MM per year to use the infrastructure that the public is already paying for.  Their 15% cut amounts to $450,000,000 per year.  What?!?!  The investors put up only $90,000,000 of their own money and net $450,000,000 per year on a project that the tax payers are paying for.

Yup! You got “Donalded”

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Lies and the Great Con Job of “The Donald”

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During the confirmation hearing, in the end of January 2017, for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services, then Representative Tom Price was asked whether he and “The Donald” were working on a secret plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.  Mr. Price displayed a broad smile and responded that: “It’s true that he said that, yes.”  Of course, all in attendance immediately knew that he was: (1) not taking responsibility for yet another absurd comment coming from the President; (2) that no “secret plan,” not unlike the “secret plan” to eliminate ISIS that President Bannon touted during the campaign, existed; and, (3) he was signaling that the administration had no plan to either repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act.

Of course, “The Donald” did repeatedly state on the campaign trail that he would eliminate the Affordable Care Act as one of his first actions in office.  Now, in an interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News that was broadcast before the Super Bowl, “The Donald” has, effectively, stated that any hope of quickly dispatching the Affordable Care Act has vanished.  Of course, anyone who has followed “The Donald” since his early days in New York City knew that his repealing the Affordable Care Act was just another “Trump-Sized” con job, just like his campaign promises to cut taxes, spend $1 Trillion Dollars on infrastructure, build a big wall along the Mexican-Unted States border, & etc.

Now, “The Donald” now takes the position that:

Yes, I would like to say by the end of the year, at least the rudiments [of a replacement program], but we should have something within the year and the following year.

Now, even Dan Holler, who is a spokesman for the Heritage Action for America, has flat out stated that:

The political uncertainty surrounding repeal is growing. * * * If the House has not passed a repeal bill and sent it to the Senate by mid-March, that would be serious cause for concern.

That uncertainty has changed the way that Republicans in Congress now describe efforts to “eliminate” the Affordable Care Act: they now speak about “repairing” the law, rather than making any efforts of repealing and replacing that law.  “The Donald” has now admitted that: his “get-it-done” bluster about immediately eliminating the Affordable Care Act has, instead, actually become a long, drawn-out affair that could take years.  So, 61 MM uneducated, male, white voters, how are you taking having been conned by “The Donald”?

It should not go un-noticed that the Republicans held both Houses of Congress since the beginning of 2011 and passed innumerable resolutions and attempted to pass a plethora of laws either gutting the Affordable Care Act or completely repealing the law.  All failed.  However, it should also not go un-noticed that the Republicans have not produced even a title page of a replacement act even though they have now had more than six years to do so.

“The Donald” has spent his adult years conning others in business.  His pattern is to introduce his latest and greatest new vision for a “Trump Tower” or “Trump Golf Course”, & etc., as “huge”, “will create thousands of new jobs”, will bring in millions of dollars of new revenue to the local economy, and will be the best thing since sliced bread an pockets in britches.  Then, once he has taken his lion share of the money originally invested by the local, regional, and national governments and private investors, he then starts to back peddle on the project as promised.  If you have not already picked upon his standard con job strategy, go ask the suckers in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Also, let us not forget the armies of contractors and Joe-Six Pack workers that “The Donald” has stiffed whilst making off with billions.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Convict Health Insurance

Posted in Exposing Corruption, Life in the Country on 28, March 2016 by nathanbusch

Convicted felons are receiving cadillac health insurance and the tax payers of Minnesota are footing 100% of the bill!

These include the following: drug dealers, child molesters, those engaged in beastiality, murders, prostitutes, thieves, etc. The State of Minnesota has mandated that each person leaving prison, whether on parole or not, are entitled to state-funded health insurance that has no deductibles or co-pays. A convicted felon has a mild head-ache: cadillac work-up including CAT scans, MRI, spinal diagnositic studies, radiofrequency ablation every six months or so, etc. We are paying 100% of the bill. A convicted felon is a little bit sad: cadillac work-up with a psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.; and medications that run thousands of dollars per month. We are paying 100% of the bill.

Did I mention, that the convicted felons have a strong disincentive to get a paying job: they are afraid that they might lose their cadillac health care insurance.

Something is very wrong in the State of Minnesota.

I hope that this helps.
Nathan A. Busch

John Bell, 11th October 2011

Posted in Exposing Corruption on 12, October 2011 by nathanbusch

Peggy, and my audience:

Thank you for bringing the latest “John Bell” missive to my attention.  I did receive a copy of the e-mail that you forwarded to me.  At times, his logic got lost in extraordinarily sloppy grammar and syntax.

I recollect that, just before pumping Jammin Java Corporation, our mysterious “John Bell” person solicited subscriptions to his “stock pick” service.  Given the response and comments that were posted on this blog, it seems that he managed to get a lot of buyers.  Since “John Bell” pulled all of his advertisement from, I have received two of his e-mails.  I am presuming that I received the same e-mails from “John Bell” as did his subscribers.  Given the lack of guidance and support that has been forthcoming from “John Bell”,  I hope that those who did subscribe to the “John Bell” stock pick service have now been sufficiently embarrassed after giving him such a considerable amount of money for nothing useful in return.

I now turn my attention to the latest e-mail from “John Bell”.  Attached, please find the text of that e-mail:

Technical Analysis.

I must admit, I’m not a fan of using technical analysis to guide investment decisions. For those who don’t know:

Technical analysis is the art of looking at past price movements to predict the future.

On the other hand, fundamental analysis is looking at the income statement and balance sheet etc to guide decisions.

As I say, I’ve never been a big fan of technical analysis or “charting”.It all seems a little too much of a pseudo-science to me, like acupuncture.

After all, it wasn’t the chart pattern of Apple (AAPL) in 2005 that caused it to [rise from] $38 to $380.

It was the ipod, the ipad, the macbook air – All the things that are analyzed by fundamental investors and ignored by technicians.

But there is one caveat.

In the short-term, some technical analysis can help you.

You see so much of today’s trading volume is made up of short term technical trading that the chart patterns become self-fulfilling prophecies.

It’s like a financial crisis or a run on a bank.

Perception creates the reality.

As soon as people panic, however irrational the reason to panic was at first, soon enough so many people are panicking that there IS a real reason to panic!

In technical trading, when the most commonly known patterns emerge, so many traders “make the trade” that it forms the pattern they were expecting.

Here’s the only chart pattern you need to know about.

It’s very simple.

Most stocks’ trade in a range.

A $5 stock may trade for three months in the range of $4 to $6.

What has happened is the stock has created a support level at $4 and a resistance level at $6.

This means absent a rush of buying or selling the stock’ will find it hard to break $6 or fall below $4 – Thus creating a range it bounces between.

But, and here’s the important bit.

What you need to look out for is when the range is broken.

When the prices breaks past $6, as soon as it hits $6.10 or so it will usually shoot up.

It is often the start of a new, higher trading range.

Put another way, once the chart breaks a resistance level, the resistance is removed and it will continue higher.

Of course, the same occurs on the downside too.

A chart that is falling will hit support levels, once it breaches the support level it often will continue falling.

Got that?

It’s the most basic technical pattern, but pretty much every other pattern is just an abstract, unnecessarily complex form of resistance and support.

One other thing, resistance and support will get stronger the more times the chart hits the level and fails to break it.

Every time it hits $5.97, $5.98 and then retreats back to the $5.50 level it has strengthened the resistance.

This is simply because start to realize there is resistance at $6, so every time it gets near they sell (achieving the highest sale price before resistance).

As I said at the top, I’m not a big fan of technical trading. 

But if you’ve done your research and you like a companies fundamentals enough to take a position.

Then considering the technicals can help you get the best price possible.

John Bell

It seems that our mysterious “John Bell” is struggling to find a new project to bolster both his ego and bank account. From the text of his latest e-mail, we learn nothing useful about either the theory of technical analysis or the application of that theory. It is almost not even worth our while to read his e-mails any more because he has nothing of any use to say.

In short, I translate technical analysis as follows: “how to lose a lot of money really fast.”

To use technical analysis ususally involves either writing your own analysis and charting software or purchasing one of the myriad of software applications out there on the market. In short, these are a waste of time and money. Once you account for your time, transaction costs, and short-term capital gains you would be lucky to have a halfpenny in your pocket. Aside from all of that, if 10,000 people are using the same particular technical analysis software application as you are using, then your chances of being ahead of the pack is nearly zero. Thus, you will likely do no better than the average of the 10,000 people and likely do no worse than the average. If the average has only a halfpenny at the end of the day, then it seems nonsensical to be that average.

After having read Philip Fisher, Napoleon Hill, Joel Greenblatt, and most of the writings of Benjamin Graham, I have come to the following conclusion: to succeed, simply define a goal and work hard towards that goal. In the area of your finances, this involves the following: decide how much money you want to have 20 years from now; account for the short and long term capital gains taxes; periodically create a list of good companies that are selling for a cheap price; allocate your then available resources appropriately amongst the top 10 companies of that list; where appropriate, use a DRIP; and hold.

Most of all, have titanium nerves.