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Educate to Innovate

Posted in Observations during Life with tags , , , on 28, February 2017 by nathanbusch

The importunate rhapsody of the Liberal Left is that we need immigrants to help the United States stay competitive in the world markets because they are our innovators.  The Repub Nazis hate the immigrants, both legal and illegal, because, claim the Repub Nazis, these immigrants are stealing our jobs and driving wages down in the United States.  Both sides are wrong.

The Repub Nazis have produced absolutely no evidence that the existence of immigrants in the United States has driven down wages and stolen jobs.  Back in the mid 1990s, my brother used to work for Mapleleaf Ducks in Milford, Indiana, as a foreman in the freezer department.  The footprint of the freezer building exceeded two football fields and the entire place was maintained at -20 degrees fahrenheit.  He refused to hire white workers primarily for the following two reasons: (1) the white people refused to either show up on time or show up sober; and, (2) the white people would work perhaps an hour and then quit and go home.  As a counterpoise, the mexican workers would work nonstop for an entire 8-hour shift even though the icicles would hang from their noses.  My own personal experience with mexican workers are that: they show up to work both sober and on time; they work hard and do not complain about either tedium or physical conditions; they given an honest day worth of work at the prevailing wage; and, they are usually willing to share their meager lunch if you are considerate enough to talk with them as human beings.  The mexicans typically are found in the lowest rung of the labor force because the white people refuse to touch any such jobs with a ten-foot pole.  That is not the fault of the mexicans, rather is because the white are fat, lazy, and entitled.  It has been more than four decades since I have last encountered a white worker, male or female, that can even come close to the qualities and character of mexican workers.

We do not need immigrants to innovate.  This used to be a country where our parents inspired us to have a life that was better than theirs.  I remember the family sitting at the picnic table, at our home in northern Indiana, overlooking Dewart Lake on a crystal clear, warm July late afternoon, having our evening meal.  My father said that the future was “wide open” as it concerned technology, innovation, and dreams.  These days, it is the rare situation if the family is together for a meal let alone having the father of the family in attendance.  My father said all that we needed was a good education and we could go further than he could have ever hoped for himself.  In those days, Sputnik inspired the United States to focus primary and second education on language, science, mathematics, and the arts.  The thinking was that a well-educated populace was a stable, wealthy, and healthy populace.  We were the innovators, educators, scientists, artists, writers, and politicians who were the envy of the world.  We never gave thought to following Russia, China, Europe, England, or any one else.  We were at the top of our game.  We were the champions of the world: it was the rest of the world that wanted to be as we were.  That is no longer a true statement of the United States.

Today, we are a fallen nation full of fat, lazy, entitled generations who cannot read the instructions necessary to open a can of baked beans with a can opener.  On my rare trips back to Indiana, I was always baffled at my grand nephews lack of motivation:  never, have I ever observed these three do anything but sit on the couch playing various video games with hand-held devices.  They had neither curiosity nor motivation to determine how that hand-held device even worked.  They did not even know what was a transistor.  To my knowledge, they had never read an entire book in their lifetime nor did they have any interest in doing so.  These three are so lacking in motivation that they could not even engineer their way out of a wet paper bag out of which the bottom had been removed.

I have personally observed hundreds of our youngest generation who are “clones” of my grand nephews.  It need not be this way.  Were he alive today, Niccolò Machiavelli would be aghast at our reliance upon foreign “mercenaries” to be our engineers, scientist, and innovators.  We have failed ourselves.  No, Liberal Left, we do not need immigrants to be our innovators: rather, we need parents who will work with their own children to insure that every member of that generation has a top-notch education and is inspired to reach their loftiest dream; we need a public education system that has stripped itself of all of the politically correct bullshit and that has returned to the hard-core Three-Rs; we need politicians at the local, state, and federal level to realize that they have miserably failed the country.  No, Repub Naxis, the answer is not to defund the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Public Radio, and other inexpensive institutions that return great value for money spent and then rape the public education system of money to give vouchers to a select few to attend private or religious schools.  The Liberal Left and the Repub Nazis must pull their heads out of their collective asses, realize that they have failed, and fix the system so that every child in America has an equal opportunity to create and own the next Apple, Incorporated.

Only then will the United States rise to the chair at the head of the table.  The alternative is that we will be diminished to being a foot stool to Russia and China.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch