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Traitor President Bannon who has Obstructed Justice

Posted in Life in the Country with tags , , on 20, May 2017 by nathanbusch

President Bannon gave top secret information, which he received from the Israeli Government, to the Russians while the Russians were in the White House.  That is High Treason to the United States.  Then he has the audacity to order Jeff Sessions to throw reporters in jail for publishing classified material as to the treason committed by Traitor Flynn.  President Bannon is clearly trying to protect his own corrupt hide whilst giving the United States to Murderer Putin.  Then President Bannon committed a felony by throwing Director Comey out of the Justice Department.

If there were any Repub Nazis with any balls in Congress, President Bannon would be on his way out of the White House for committing High Crimes and Misdemeanors as well as pursuant to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.  Of course, Ryan and McConnel would have to get up off their knees in order to do anything about President Bannon.  It seems that these two like the view from down there.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch



President Bannon and Flynn

Posted in Exposing Corruption, Observations during Life with tags , , , on 16, February 2017 by nathanbusch

Delusional Flynn conspired with the Russians, who are our sworn enemy, and then lied about it to Pence.  Pence fired Flynn.  Then the loony Repub Nazi Press claims that the “shadow government of Obama” was controlling the entire fiasco.

Now, President Bannon has taken moves to eviscerate the United States Intelligence community because it happened to wiretap the Delusional Flynn giving the Russian Ambassador state secrets.  That is: Delusional Flynn committed high treason; the United States Intelligence community informed President Bannon at the end of January of the high treason; President Bannon retained Delusional Flynn and the Delusional Flynn remained in control of ultra-top secret information of the United States Government; Pence acted to remove the Delusional Flynn; now the Repub Nazi Press claims that Obama was controlling the United States Intelligence community in a plot to undermine the Dysfunctional President Bannon.

Alice in Wonderland: where are you?  We need the sanity of your reality which is certainly more real than the La La Land reality espoused by the Repub Nazi Press and President Bannon.

I hope that this helps.

Nathan A. Busch

Hey! Dumbocrats!

Posted in Observations during Life with tags , , on 13, February 2017 by nathanbusch

So, you have now had your two-day B.S. session in which you accomplished nothing more than demonstrate that the progressive and centrist wings of the party would rather argue with each other about ideology and political philosophy than fight the Repub Nazis for the soul of America.

Wake up Dumbocrats!  Joe Six Pack does not give a shit about your posturing regarding political ideology and philosophy.  He only cares about having a job that will pay for his beer, his large screen television, his hunting trip up north whilst having enough left over to attend a NASCAR race every two years.  What do you have to offer him?  If you want to win the heart and mind of Joe Six Pack, you need to go eyeball-to-eyeball with the Repub Nazis and fight meaner, dirtier, tougher, and harder than your opponent.  You need to fight without fear because the future of your children depends upon winning the fight.

I hope this helps.

Nathan A. Busch


President Bannon and “Mein Kampf”

Posted in Observations during Life with tags , , on 7, February 2017 by nathanbusch

“Mein Kampf”:

  1. in all things dissimulate;
  2. avoid facts, and create “false facts” if necessary;
  3. appeal only to emotions;
  4. attack all dissenters as dishonest, liars, and unpatriotic; and,
  5. commence internecine wars between those holding opposing ideologies.

Welcome to NAZI America.

I hope that this helps.


The Rise of NAZI America

Posted in Life in the Country with tags , , on 31, January 2017 by nathanbusch

Enough said.

Jews: you are next.

I hope this helps.

Nathan A. Busch